Ultimate Workstation NewsWatch TV review

Newswatchtv.com has a great video about the Ultimate Workstation, a high-tech high-performance keyboard and mouse combination developed by Contour Design.

The Ultimate Workstation looks absolutely gorgeous with a nice sleek ergonomically correct design. At first glance, it looks like a relatively standard balanced keyboard with the Roller Mouse Red attached to the bottom of the keyboard. The Roller Mouse Red is what really makes this workstation different from anything that I’ve ever seen. The mouse is actually a large roller bar that you slide back and forth, from left to right to use the mouse. It also has a digital left-click built into the mouse which reduces the stress and strain on your fingertips. The balanced keyboard can be adjusted for the perfect angle to support the hands. The Roller Mouse system also has an upgraded model that makes the entire mouse keyboard combination wireless. Overall the ultimate workstation looks like a wonderful tool

Newswatch TV is a 30 minute TV show that airs weekly in the US on the ION Network. Newswatch TV covers a very wide range of newsworthy subjects. Their main topics, of course, include general news, App watch which is geared toward all the new applications from iOS and Android. The Tech Report section has the latest tech news and reviews. Trade Shows covers the latest happenings in all the big high-tech trade shows that take place throughout the year. The Biz Report highlights current information on business and the Consumer Update covers news in the areas of travel, entertainment, and health.

The Newswatch TV show has two main hosts Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison and a strong cast of reporters. The show is well respected and has had hundreds of celebrities and expert speakers appear on the show in the last year. They have also engaged and featured hundreds of well-known companies including Goodyear, Ford, Legos and many others.


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