Top Things Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Recommend to Try at Napa Valley

The Wine Guides at Traveling Vineyard love great wine. They have literally made a living in becoming a professional provider of great wines from the Napa Valley. Yet, because they have consistent access to Napa Valley wine with the click of a button, when they visit Napa Valley they don’t just stroll the vineyards sipping and swirling. They know that there is a lot more Napa Valley has to offer. Here are a few things that Traveling Vineyard’s Guides recommend checking out the next time you visit Napa Valley:

First, history buffs can visit the Napa Valley Historical society to check out a collection of pieces from Napa’s past. You can take one of the many tours of sit in on a variety of lectures where you will get a taste of what Napa Valley was like a hundred years ago.

Speaking of taste, wine isn’t the only thing you can taste while you’re in Napa Valley. The region’s fertile soil is also incredibly ripe to grow some of the world’s best olives. Round Pond Estate grows a variety of Mediterranean olives. Visitors can take olive tastings, or taste craft olive oils paired with a variety of local spices, herbs and fruit. It is truly an experience unlike any other and you will be able to see the process of developing olive oil from beginning to end.

Those people looking to just kick back with some cucumbers over their eyes can spend the day at the luxurious Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch Resort. Guests are pampered with the most exquisite in massages and beauty treatments. Many of the treatments use natural elements from the ranch, including the fresh spring water and mud that is exceedingly rich in minerals.

If you aren’t visiting the Napa valley, you can still enjoy the finest wines that Napa has to offer by working with Traveling Vineyard. The company is a pretty innovative idea founded in 2001 with the shared love of great wines and the goal of helping people become their own boss and gain financial freedom by sharing that love of wine with more people. For more info about us: click here.

Becoming a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard will put you on the path to financial success and you will have the ability to set your own hours and schedule. Wine Guides can work as little or as much as they want.

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