Top Executive Brings His Knowedge Of Community Banking To Bankers Conference

The banking industry is accused of many different things, but for NexBank CEO John Holt has been seeking ways of engaging with the local community to aid the expansion of the bank into many new areas of its home state of Texas. As a successful developer of community links through the banking industry, NexBank’s CEO was recently invited to provide a talk to his fellow bankers and consultants at the “Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference“.


Nexbank has always played a major role in the local community of Dallas, Texas as the bank has a long history dating back to its time as the Heritage Bank that has a historic charter dating back to 1922. The company has been a high banking institution for almost a century and now manages more than $4.6 million in assets the bank has built up in recent years; one of the major changes that has occurred at NexBank in recent years has been the growing number of products and services on offer to customers, which range from traditional checking accounts to more complex real estate and construction mortgage services.


John Holt’s skills as a leading community banking official have led to him providing his talk to fellow banking experts on the subject of “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. Holt has become a major part of the Dallas, Texas banking landscape and gave his own views on how both technology and mergers can play a role in building a successful community bank. For John Holt and NexBank the available options for creating a successful banking institution can also be organic and include success achieved by developing branches members of a community come to rely on for their fnancial needs.


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