The Philanthropic Heart Of Perry Mandera

Custom Care Charities is a part of The Custom Companies Inc. This charity provides food during the holiday season for needy families and was started by Perry Mandera. This Illinois based charity enabled children to have gifts for the holidays along with warm coats. Giving back to the community is incredibly important to Perry Mandera (Inspirery).

When Washington was severely damaged by tornados in 2013, Perry Mandela had The Custom Companies transport supplies, necessities and food to the families. When Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi Perry Mandera had enough supplies to fill forty trucks delivered to both states. Some were the result of a donation drive while others were purchased by The Custom Companies. When the wildfires devastated California last year Perry Mandera made certain his company donated supplies and food.

Through Custom Cares Charities Perry Mandela has helped families and children during the holidays, he coaches sports teams and sponsors boxers. Two of these boxers made it to the Olympics. He provides financial aid for organizations and teams promoting activities and fitness for children in need. The Jesse White Tumblers provides inner city Chicago children with activities so they avoid gangs, alcohol and drugs. Perry Mandela serves this organization as a member of the board.

Perry Mandera is a proud American and supports the women and men serving the military. His donations to numerous charities provides aid to veterans. The Custom Companies hires veterans and helps them find employment once their tour of duty has ended. Perry Mandela served the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and received an honorable discharge. This was when he learned to drive a truck and his interest in the transportation industry peaked.

Perry Mandera optimizes transportation services with his work with the Environmental Protection Agency. The SmartWay program through the EPA maximizes the efficiency of transportation and The Custom Companies is in compliance. The target of the program is freight transport and the goal is to reduce every vehicle’s carbon emissions. SmartWay provides free solutions for logistics and freight providers including tracking emissions and fuel usage documentation. Perry Mandela analyzes their data to make beneficial changes and find optimal solutions.

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