The Latest Beauty Buzz: Lime Crime’s Magical Cosmetics

The latest buzz in the beauty and cosmetics world is all about the brand Lime Crime. This company was founded by an innovative young woman who is completely passionate about making the best products possible so that others can find joy in self expression. The brand is truly pushing the boundaries of cosmetics, and revolutionizing makeup, which is what they aimed to do in the first place.

The products offered by this LA based company include lipstick, high-lighting shadows, nail products, hair dye, brushes, and bundle packages that mix and match products into fun sets. There is nothing “standard” about the cosmetics offered. The colors in each line are vibrant, artistic, and free from conventional ideas about cosmetics. Did you think that lipstick should come in shades of red and pink? Within this revolutionary brand, lipsticks come in shades that vary from deep purple sparkles to bright metallic blue. The companies CEO, Doe Deere, shares that she thinks makeup should be expressive. The company mission is to give customers a way to “express themselves apologetically”.

A shopper on the Lime Crime website will find products easily, and can browse through offerings and add them to a shopping bag. This innovative LA company is one of the first in the make-up industry to have roots in the digital space rather than offline. They have fully embraced technology and social media, and have a very strong online community formed around the brand. The website is simple and easy to use. Currently it is highlighting the newest collection of products.

As you shop through the “Mermaids Collection” you can “dive in” as a way of purchasing an item, and quaint little bubbles float across the screen as you shop. Everything about this brand has style and personality. Their catch phrase is “makeup for unicorns” which puts the feel of the products so perfectly into words. Unicorns are out of this world, magical, fantasy creatures. They are special, precious, beautiful creatures. The makeup and hair dyes offered by Lime Crime are like nothing our culture has seen before, but at the same time so beautiful and magical that they can not be ignored.

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