The Delectable Ryan Seacrest

When we look at the radio show host Ryan Seacrest, there is something about him that is inviting. We feel welcome in his presence. His take on life is a simple one. Taking care of his health, keeping in shape and being conscious of the world at large are his mainstays. Ryan is a natural people person. His gift of understanding people stems from his understanding of himself, and the steps he takes for self preservation.

According to, Ryan was impressed by Dick Clark, at how well he interacted with people. Ryan knew that the reality of television success is a bumpy ride at best., yet, he could see how smooth Dick Clark made it seem. Dick Clark was in essence a mentor to Ryan which has added to his own success. Ryan took all the bumps of self, and made them smooth. He did this by disciplining himself to be the best person that he can be. And as a result, people naturally gravitate to him… it is Ryan now, who makes television success look easy.

From his early days and progression of his career with American Idol, he has shown that he has the X factor. Ryan is a star in his own right. He has a way of making everyone feel like he cares about them. He makes them feel that he understands their trials and tribulations. He makes them feel that he supports their dreams and wants them to succeed. His response is always a positive one “yes,” he says and “got it!”

Ryan Seacrest has a natural light that emanates and permeates. His light shines through televisions, into the homes of the people who watch him host the various shows he represents. What TV viewers see though, is that the true star is none other than Ryan Seacrest. Because, Ryan puts the “real,” in everything he touches. He’s a ‘real’ person. He’s practical and down to earth. He’s open and caring, and it shows.

Ryan (@RyanSeacrest) is a role model. Not because he set out to be, but because he takes life seriously, his life is “golden.” The delightful, delectable, Ryan Seacrest.

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