Eric Lefkofsky Precision Medicine Research for Cancer Treatment

Precision medicine has been projected to change the face of medications especially cancer, Alzheimer’s and other that affect a good number of people especially the elderly. When Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Labs, he was convinced of this fact. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and large volumes of data, precision medicine can help medics understand how diseases embed themselves in people DNA using algorithm patterns of such disease. Tempus Labs is based in Chicago, and its mission is to come up with technology that combines, digitizes and cleans up each patient’s health data, which can be used by physicians to help other patients in the future.

Tempus Labs endeavors are aimed at adding DNA/RNA sequencing molecular data that it provides in-house. They have made remarkable progress in coming up with data pipelines to assist in these efforts and make precision medicine a reality. Eric Lefkofsky’s and Tempus Labs are targeting having each cancer patient’s molecular and clinical information at a single location. With such a data source, physicians can make a decision based on the data in real time.

When data is availed in one place, physicians can learn from millions who are diagnosed, taking important learning cues on how they responded to various treatment methods. In turn, they come up with better and informed medications and treatment methods for new patients. To this course, Tempus has partnered with academic institutions and healthcare organization who have agreed to send their patients to Tempus Labs for genomic sequencing. Here, health technicians combine clinical and molecular data that is sent back to oncologists who can access Tempus data. In such a case, physicians identify the patients mutations and which treatment from the past worked best for such given mutations.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated with honors in 1991 from the University of Michigan, and later attended the University of Michigan Law School for a Juris Doctor in 1993. Eric Lefkofsky is the author of “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation”. He teaches at the Chicago’s Booth School of Business as an adjunct professor.

He is philanthropic towards cancer research donating generously to such efforts. Through Lefkofsky Family Foundation, they have given $1 million, $500,000, and $1.2 million, to Robert H.Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, gastric cancer research at Stanford University, and University of Michigan cancer research respectively.