OSI Food Solutions Feeding the Globe on Quality

A company based in Illinois which handles the processing of meat products known as OSI Food Solutions, was founded in 1909. The company is the brainchild of Otto Kolschowski’s wh hailed from Germany before moving to America.. It kicked off as a local market which availed meat of great quality to its customers but it achieved greater recognition and respect once it started supplying an up and coming McDonald’s brand with meat patties. The OSI Food Solutions has shown impressive growth over the years which currently boast its reach in numerous countries which has an excess of 20 thousand employees. The company avails hot dogs, fish, vegetable, bacon, pizza, poultry as well as meat patties to brands all over the world that deal in the retail industry and the food service.

The OSI Food Solutions has managed to make it to the 58th spot of the largest private companies in the USA, as noted by Forbes. The company has been able to manage such a great accomplishment of being one of America’s top 100 companies thanks to their capability to provide the very best quality services and products along with their yearly sales that surpass an impressive 6.1 billion dollars. On the 25th of November 2016, the OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the great 2016 Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council at a luncheon hosted in London at the Draper’s Hall. They got the honour due to how they manage risks to the environment in such a unique and exquisite manner. Their century long expertise in the food industry has elevated them to become a leader in its field, globally.

In the recent past, the brand has shown great growth by attaining a Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe as well as BAHO Foods. With these advancements to the company, they are now able to provide more employment, careers and to cater to a wider local as well as foreign market. The company is spread out in 17 different countries worldwide with 65 facilities to show for it. The OSI Food Solutions provides products to the likes of Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s and also Starbucks. It holds plants in Fort Atkinson, West Jordan, West Chicago, Oakland, Utah, California and many more. OSI Food Solutions has doubled its production line’s size of chicken products produced to 24,000 tons yearly from its previous 12,000 tons. The Spain based facility seen them produce 45,000 tons of products of pork, chicken and beef. With this move by the company, 20 job opportunities have been created which adds to the current 140 staff members.

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