Dr. David Samadi: Bringing New Surgical Techniques To Cancer Care

For over 15 years Dr. David Samadi has been helping to improve treatment outcomes and the quality of life for patients suffering with urologic diseases as well as prostate, bladder and kidney cancer through the use of his innovative treatment methods. Among the field’s most prominent surgeons, Dr. Samadi is focused on helping patients with prostate cancer through early detection and diagnosis and groundbreaking, effective new treatments. He has also helped raise people’s awareness of prostate cancer through his regular appearance on a variety of news shows, his articles and his program ‘Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi’.

Dr. David Samadi is a native of Iran. When the Iranian Revolution ended in 1979, the then 15 year old’s parents moved him to Belgium, then London and finally to New York, where he completed his education. David Samadi attended the State University of New York’s Stony Brook University on a full scholarship. After graduating with a biochemistry degree, he get his MD in 1994 from the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University. Dr. Samadi completed his postgraduate studies in proctology and urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center respectively.

To improve his level of expertise in proctology, Dr. Samadi went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and did an oncology fellowship. Next, under Professor Claude Abbou’s mentorship at France’s Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil, he completed a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship. Once his training was complete Dr. David Samadi began his medical career at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. A talented educator, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine hired Dr. Samadi in 2007 as the vice chairman of their Department of Urology. He was Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery as well.

Known for his expertise in prostate cancer surgery, Dr. David Samadi has written extensively on the subject for many publications. He has even invented a minimally invasive surgical technique for dealing with prostate cancer called the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. Dr. Samadi dedicates a great deal of his time to helping patients and physicians around the world better diagnose and treat prostate and other types of cancer. He even performed a number of surgical procedures in Cyprus’s Mediterranean Hospital. Dr. Samadi took the time to teach robotic surgical procedures to local doctors there.

The level of commitment Dr. David Samadi has to improving the treatment methods and outcomes for people suffering with prostate cancer is undeniable.

For details: www.huffingtonpost.com/author/dr-david-samadi