A new you with Dr. Mark Mofid

Augmentation surgery is about bringing out the person one truly desires to be. From minor cosmetic alterations to full blown body enhancement, surgeons find the demand for cosmetic augmentation to be one that can often lead to dangerous procedures or ill after effects. Dr. Mark Mofid understands this fine line and strives to bridge the divide between aesthetics and safety when performing his implant procedures.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a highly reputable implant surgeon who currently resides and works in the San Diego region of California. With over 14 years of experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid works constantly in his field to ensure his patients are both safe and happy. Adding to his already strong resume, Dr. Mark Mofid studied at both Johns Hopkins University and Harvard.

In a recent San Diego Patch article, Dr. Mark Mofid goes into details about his work in the gluteal augmentation procedure and how his 8 years of work has yielded remarkable results. His attention to details has changed what was being marred with generic implants and often disastrous results to a procedure that caters to his patients that consider body type, muscle structure, and more details that prove to be critical in the safety of the procedure.

What makes Dr. Mark Mofid’s ethics stand out from other surgeons in his field is his commitment to his craft. His facility in the San Diego region touts some of the most state of the art equipment and interior facilities to provide a comfortable experience for his patients.

He also goes into details with his patients the journey that will lie ahead for them before and after the procedure they seek. While Dr. Mofid wants to provide his patients with the image they desire, he will not do so at the risk of their health. His belief that his work is the best form of advertisement is a testament of his passion for the work he does on a daily basis.