Jason Hope and Aubery De Gray’s journey to age-reversing medications

Jason Hope is an Arizonian philanthropist who is dedicated to supporting different philanthropy works like the age reversal research program undertaken by SENS. Jason Hope funded SENS with a belief that the organization has the right manpower and looking for the right equipment to realize this overachieving dream that many experts in the field of medicine are not interested in exploring.

Jason Hope together with other philanthropists like Peter Thiel the co-founder of PayPal and Aubrey de Gray the co-founder of SENS Foundation are all believers in the prospect of the medical experts making a discovery of the “fountain of youth.” Hope contributed $500,000 to SENS Foundation which has been tasked with establishing a lab program in the United Kingdom and in the development of what is called AGE-breakers.

AGE-breakers are drugs that are used to clean up the end products of advanced glycation. These end products accumulate in the body as we grow old. These byproducts result in a rigid skin and veins. The net effect is an uprising of one of the most dangerous diseases, high blood pressure, together with other age-related conditions. We have seen the animal kingdom successfully getting an age-breaker, but developments are still in play to fully identify the AGE-breakers.

The AGE-breakers have been one of the challenging blocks in the path to the age reversing medication. But that is not all, there are still many more challenges in store, like the one which De Gray refers to as the “pro-aging trance.” Gray believes that the concept of letting aging be accepted as part of natures course is a counterproductive process. De Gray takes on aging just like any other disease that is not helping our aging process but limiting the quality of life when most people should be resting instead of taking long trips to the hospital.

De Gray and Jason Hope believe that human beings can live longer healthier lives. Although the crazy years of 150 are not within reach, De Gray believes that when repetitive confrontations are done onto the cellular triggers of aging, there is a way that will present itself to lengthen a healthy life. The kind of lifestyle De Gray envisions is not the fiction type. He does not picture humans living for hundreds of years, but he envisions a life where an elderly person lives a much more active and healthier lifestyle for a long period of time compared to the current living patterns.

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