Eric Lefkofsky May Disrupt the Medical Industry

Eric Lefkofsky wants accessing a patient’s genetic makeup to be a common part of cancer care. This is just part of the vision of the company he co-founded, Tempus. Tempus is creating the largest database of both genetic and clinical patient information to assist in healthcare on an individual and global scale. The system also collects and analyzes data that is already a normal part of patient care in a more functional and efficient way.

Lefkofsky wants to make patient care data-driven after seeing how many problems the current system had when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Most people, including the Lefkofsky’s, never have to consider how outdated the medical industry is when it comes to patient records and data aggregation until they become part of it. Unfortunately, around forty percent of adults in the United States will receive a diagnosis of cancer within their lives. If Tempus succeeds in their goals, this data would lead to better treatments for patients on a chemical level in addition to the potential cures that could come from the information collected.

Eric Lefkofsky is very experienced in tech related industries and investments. While he has a Juris Doctor degree, he chose to go into the dot-com revolution full force and became a head of the industry. He also co-founded Lightbank, an investment firm that has a focus on disruptive technology. Tempus operates as part of Lightbank and itself hopes to disrupt and improve how the medical industry currently operates.

His book, Accelerated Disruption, about business being effected by technology was published by Easton Studio Press in November 2017. At Depaul University and Northwestern University, he taught courses on disruptive technology. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and teaches building technology-based businesses and entrepreneurship.

Eric Lefkofsky serves as a co-chairman of the Technology Council of World Business Chicago, where he is also a board member. His foundation, the Lefkofsky Foundation has helped over fifty organizations in the Chicago area and around the world.

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