Karl Heideck makes a Legal analysis on the new employment law

Karl Heideck stepped in to explain the new law that was mentioned earlier in Philadelphia. The bill earned Philadelphia lots of praise because it’s the first Municipality to ban employers from seeking salary histories from new job seekers. Karl Heideck, however, explained that the new law would bridge the gap between gender payments. Karl argued that men have been enjoying better payments than women even if they are working in the same capacity. Additionally, Karl Heideck said that men start their new jobs with higher salaries compared with women. The new law was proposed by Philadelphia legislators to close all loopholes that have been in hiring processes. It had emerged that many job seekers have been denied employment for not revealing their salary histories.

Karl Heideck stated that not all legislators opposed the new legislation because some believed that it would be a positive step to bring equality to the workplace. Among those who fought the law is the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Others were arguing that it was just an additional list of regulation that will make business environment in Philadelphia not conducive. Karl Heideck was against the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce who was in the opinion that the new law would harm business interests in Philadelphia. He added that their argument would succeed in overturning the legislation. Karl Heideck said that the hiring departments would require legal counsel to avoid asking irrelevant questions during hiring and trigger court battles. He also reiterated that it was important for employees to be given civic education of their right during the hiring process.

The salary history law is to be applied to all business in the city of Philadelphia irrespective of whether the business is just a branch or an office with the head office somewhere else. It will therefore be of benefit for businesses operating in the areas to seek the services of employment lawyers to avoid messing up in the hiring process.

After his graduation from Law school in 2009, Karl Heideck has taken part in many legal developments in the area. On matters of risk management, he is consulted for advice. Karl Heideck is well conversant with legal compliance issues related to small businesses. Karl Heideck has an experience in civil litigation.

Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2015.He offers compliance consultancy and also matters of commercial litigation and product liability. He also represents in issues pertaining employment proceedings. As a contract Attorney, Karl Heideck is listed by Hire Counsel since April 2015.

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