Significant Contributions by Drew Madden in the Lucrative Healthcare IT Niche

Drew Madden is an accomplished Healthcare IT expert with a knack for building world-class companies. In 2010, the highly sought-out IT consultant served as the President of one of the biggest Electronic Medical Records Company called Nordic Consulting Partners. Drew remained at Nordic for five years. In his tenure, Nordic went from an obscure Healthcare IT firm into a behemoth company with a valuation of $130M. The company went from having a staff of 10 to 725, by the time Drew left in 2016. The company added well over 150 clients all thanks to Madden’s refined skills and charisma.

Value of Healthcare IT Systems

Healthcare Information Technology, simply shortened to Healthcare IT, is concerned with providing tech solutions to medical facilities like hospitals. The tech support can come in the form of cloud servers and physical gadgets and gizmos to help the physician’s track, monitor and store their patients’ medical data. By building robust and user-friendly networks, Drew Madden and his team make it possible for doctors to consult with their peers.

Educational Background

Drew Madden sees great promise in the Electronic Medical Records realm, moving forward. As technology advances, Drew prophesies that we shall witness more patients recovering from medical conditions we still haven’t found cures for today like Cancer. The cure made possible by the more advanced, intuitive and efficient medical data storage and analysis systems developed by brilliant inventors like Drew Madden. He is an Industrial Engineering alumnus of the prestigious University of Iowa, Engineering School.

Building Winning Teams

Drew Madden is a Managing Partner at the prominent Healthcare IT firm called Evergreen Healthcare Partners Inc. At the company, Drew’s responsible for, among other pertinent roles to recruit, train and mentor teams and most importantly, to reach out to prospective investors and clients and bring them on board the Evergreen Healthcare Partners Inc. family. The Healthcare IT Company operates on the noble philosophies that declare every life matters and that the power is always with the people. Today, this award-winning IT firm has supplied EHR systems and other essential healthcare techs to well over 200 medical facilities.

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