Rock the Rainbow with Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime

Makeup trends are changing for the better with the LimeCrime Unicorn Hair Collection. The company has recently introduced 4 new intense colors to the line for brunettes. The new colors will roll out on October 24th. Now dark-haired girls can rock the rainbow with a 100%, cruelty-free product.

The Colors

The new color collection includes Chestnut maroon, Squid purple, Charcoal gray and Sea Witch green. All colors are semi-permanent and fade out after several washes. The products are easy to use and contain no ammonia so they will not harm your hair. The gel formula contains extra pigmentation to produce stunning color with a pleasant floral scent.

No Boring Makeup Colors

With Unicorn Hair, you need makeup colors that are as vibrant and colorful to complete your look. Mix and match any of the sparkly, glittery lipstick and eyeshadow shades in the Unicorn Queen collection to the lighter hair shades of Pony, Strawberry Jam or Chocolate Cherry. The darker, more-intense colors such as Squid purple or Sea Witch green would look great paired with eye and lip colors from the Venus palette and slither bundle.

!00 % Vegan-Friendly

Lime Crime makes beauty products that the world can be proud of. The line of makeup and hair colors are all certified 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and The Leaping Bunny Program. Leaping Bunny standards demand strict third-party verification that products are not tested on animals and contain no animal by-products. Because they protect the rights of animals, you can find Lime Crime listed on PETA’s Vegan Shopping Guide.

The new Unicorn Hair collection colors are a great way to express yourself with how you wear your hair. Purple, Green or Maroon? The possibilities are endless and the fact that all the colors are cruelty-free means that you can experiment with the knowledge that you are buying and using environmentally responsible products.

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