Richard Dwayne Blair’s Advice on Financial Success

Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. Being the sole owner of the company, Richard Dwayne Blair has held the securities registration of wealth solutions for over 23 years. He registered the company as an investment advisory firm with the goal of making a positive and dramatic difference in the lives of small businesses, individuals, and different families. At the start, he chose to base his company at Austin, Texas where it remains to date.

Having been born in a family where his mother, grandmother and later wife were teachers, Richard Dwayne Blair was always attracted to the whole experience of education. The people around him are the ones who influenced him to understand how the power of teaching can help one grow their confidence and knowledge.

Richard’s natural liking for finance led him to join the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance specializing in finance and financial management service. These experiences made him realize that he could offer help on financial investments and planning. Upon graduating from college, Dwayne immediately ventured into the world of financial services. He founded his firm that is called Wealth Solutions in 1994.

Richard says he developed Wealth Solutions with the goal of providing customized investments and wealth preservation strategies, retirement advice and objective advice. His joy comes from helping other people accomplish their financial goals. He has always believed that everyone needs a well thought out plan to pursue these goals. Richard Dwayne Blair, therefore, developed a three-pillar approach to carry out financial planning.

In his dealings, Richard always first tries to define out the client needs. Richard Dwayne will identify the client’s risk tolerance, goals, opportunities for growth and personal strengths. This phase mainly helps him to build a strong relationship with the clients.

The second pillar is used to develop a long-term strategy that is effective and linked to the unique goals and needs of the client. He has is actively involved in the management of assets in capturing the maximum performance. The pillar also helps to minimize the effects brought about by negativity in the market periods. The expectations of the client are compared with the performance.

The third pillar will help Richard review the performance with his clients. Using these pillars, Richard can come up with long-term insurance to his clients. Richard is aware that financial insecurities can always strike at unexpected times. Therefore, he insists that people can always prepare with proper cover.


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