Relocation by Equities First Holding

A wise business man will tell you that when you see an opportunity, seize it. He will also tell you to base your business on integrity and transparency. You should not steal from your clients also. This is what Al Christy managed to do during the establishment of Equities First Holding. Having been in the field of finance for a long period, he noted that it was becoming increasingly difficult to acquire a loan in the United States. After some small research, he noted that this was the case elsewhere across the globe. He, therefore, decided to establish loan service that used stocks as collateral.

He based his business in Indianapolis, Indiana. The only difference between him and his competitors is that he adopted a way of returning stocks to his clients upon the end of the deal. This has seen him expand his business to Australia where he has three offices. These offices are located in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. As for the Melbourne office, Equities First Holding decided to move location to the downtown of the city. The main aim of this move was to make it accessible to more Australians. This came after some few clients in Melbourne raised the issue that the offices were located far away from downtown.

Apart from Australia and the United States, Equities First Holdings can be found in other parts of the globe such as South Africa, United Kingdom, Singapore as well as Hong Kong. In the US, they have another office that is located in New York, New York. There are benefits that come along with a stock based loan.

First, the loan has a fixed interest, unlike bank loans that deteriorate from time to time. Second, you don’t require security to acquire this loan.Finally, stock based loans can be diverted to projects outside their intended purpose.

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