How Kevin Seawright Applies his Financial Responsiveness as CFO and Executive VP of Newark Economic Development Corporation

Kevin Seawright is an African-American finance executive popularly known for his executive VP and CFO position at Newark Economic Development Corporation.

He joined the company back in 2014 after holding top-notch positions at several companies. Seawright attributes most of his success in his professional career to the education he acquired from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

Work Experience

Throughout his professional career, Seawright has been on the verge to command new opportunities and achieve business goals. He is viewed in the business community as an individual with a unique blend of team inclusion, business acumen and financial operations (both in private and sectors).

CFO and executive VP role at Newark Economic Development Corporation

At Newark, he is credited for restructuring the company’s business strategies that have resulted in responsive accounting and finance divisions. Kevin also fostered Newark’s revenue planning corporate processes that have been utilized by the company’s general contractors and subcontractors.

Newark’s technological initiatives are currently aligned to its economic and organizational goals thanks to Kevin’s efforts. The firm’s annual returns also increased by 25 percent ever since Kevin Seawright was appointed to serve as executive VP and CFO. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin is praised for having solidified Newark’s Human Capital Division. He achieved this goal by improving the division’s components such as change management, compensation adjustment, staff retention and collective bargaining.

Awards and board membership roles

Kevin Seawright bagged the 2010 Bridges to the Future Award for his professional responsiveness. He was also acknowledged based on his ability to apply critical thinking skills amidst tight economic times. Kevin is currently enrolled in an Executive Leadership program at the famed Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

His board membership roles benefit institutions such as Babe Ruth Museum, the American Society for Public Administration, the National Association of Black Accountants and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.

Kevin served in the position of deputy COO at CitiStat, which is a program that focuses on improving City Government’s responsiveness to citizens. He held that position for six years. Kevin maintains his online reputation through his LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr social networking profiles.

Top Things Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Recommend to Try at Napa Valley

The Wine Guides at Traveling Vineyard love great wine. They have literally made a living in becoming a professional provider of great wines from the Napa Valley. Yet, because they have consistent access to Napa Valley wine with the click of a button, when they visit Napa Valley they don’t just stroll the vineyards sipping and swirling. They know that there is a lot more Napa Valley has to offer. Here are a few things that Traveling Vineyard’s Guides recommend checking out the next time you visit Napa Valley:

First, history buffs can visit the Napa Valley Historical society to check out a collection of pieces from Napa’s past. You can take one of the many tours of sit in on a variety of lectures where you will get a taste of what Napa Valley was like a hundred years ago.

Speaking of taste, wine isn’t the only thing you can taste while you’re in Napa Valley. The region’s fertile soil is also incredibly ripe to grow some of the world’s best olives. Round Pond Estate grows a variety of Mediterranean olives. Visitors can take olive tastings, or taste craft olive oils paired with a variety of local spices, herbs and fruit. It is truly an experience unlike any other and you will be able to see the process of developing olive oil from beginning to end.

Those people looking to just kick back with some cucumbers over their eyes can spend the day at the luxurious Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch Resort. Guests are pampered with the most exquisite in massages and beauty treatments. Many of the treatments use natural elements from the ranch, including the fresh spring water and mud that is exceedingly rich in minerals.

If you aren’t visiting the Napa valley, you can still enjoy the finest wines that Napa has to offer by working with Traveling Vineyard. The company is a pretty innovative idea founded in 2001 with the shared love of great wines and the goal of helping people become their own boss and gain financial freedom by sharing that love of wine with more people. For more info about us: click here.

Becoming a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard will put you on the path to financial success and you will have the ability to set your own hours and schedule. Wine Guides can work as little or as much as they want.

Greg Secker – Mission To Have Better Traders In The Community

Greg Secker is recognized as a world business person, a philanthropist, a master trader and a global talker who was born on 18th February 1975. In 2003, he launched a combination of several groups “Knowledge to Action Group” which incorporated Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and the Greg Secker Foundation. Each of these foundations works together; educating people on various ways of excelling in trade and using the opportunity improve the standard of their lives.

In Greg Secker’s current talk with Inspirer, he said that the people’s’ battle to start trading with ease is what inspired him to begin the business. The majority of the potential traders could not access enough support with their enthusiasm of joining forex business remaining high despite lack of proper insight. Thus, Greg wanted interested traders to get equipped well with the best tools in the market without incurring them huge costs.

According to Greg, different platforms such as the Learn to Trade made it workable making the world of corporate a sustainable place at the age of 27. He likewise kept on expressing that an essential key to his accomplishment is the endorsement he got from business collaborators, family and friends. He added that the most fulfilling time in the period of business is when he started Knowledge to Action.

The profession of Greg Secker started in Thomas Cook Financial overhauling. Afterward, he relocated to the business of foreign trade to work on another business referred as the Virtual Trading Desk. Being the leading online Forex trading program, it empowered clients to get period quotes for extensive foreign exchange commercial deals.

The Greg Secker’s’ vocation advanced quickly, and later filled the position of vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation. He also became a member with the big Fortune 500 investment within the US after some time. During that time, he was working with some of the best dealers worldwide. His trading portfolio grew to a point when he decided to quit working with Mellon and saw it good to start his business. After only three months, he managed to propel Learn to Trade which among other businesses they have continued to help thousands of people achieve their goals of activities.

Rocketship Education Brings New Dynamics To Education

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools that operate in low-income neighborhoods where excellent schools are absent. It combines the efforts of parents, teachers and students in a partnership that is pointed toward a quality educational experience for the students.

The Rocketship model works differently than a traditional school where students are piled into one room. In the traditional model some students get ahead, fall behind or stay somewhere in the middle. Much is lost in the mix and the system seems to be more for the convenience of the institution in scheduling and common use of resources.

The Rocketship model utilizes excellent teachers, individualized instruction and the empowerment of parents and students. A combination called blended learning utilizes some traditional classroom teaching, technology with the student utilization of devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, and specialized tutoring.

Students learn at different levels in different ways depending on their personalities and perception of things. Most all of them are somewhat familiar with digital devices and how they work, and it seems to be more fun to learn that way. This method of learning works well with skills in math, science and rote learning skills.

Parents are encouraged to participate too. They are encouraged to become leaders both at home and at the school. Parents can participate according to their schedules and can help students with their homework and at school with various tasks that help the staff members.

The model of the three pillars is the bedrock of the system where there are excellent teachers and leaders, learning that is personalized to the student and parents who are fully engaged. It takes a team effort to provide excellent education and the results prove that to be true.

The test scores are remarkable in that most Rocketship students are a full year ahead in scholastic ability than their peers at traditional public schools. This is particularly true of middle school students. Middle school is the most challenging period of a students experience and Rocketship Education had very strong outcomes in comparison to traditional methods of education. The difference is remarkable and points to the Rocketship method as being very effective.

Sweetgreen: Totally Original

As the health revolution in America continues, more big-name restaurant chains are reinventing their image. They’re all promising fresher ingredients and healthier food options, but is it too late? At the start of the health revolution, a high-end salad chain was born: Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is quickly swiping across the nation. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Everything about Sweetgreen is revolutionizing the food industry. It has the atmosphere of a small local restaurant with the efficiency of a big corporation. Sweetgreen’s success attracted numerous investors, including Steve Case and Danny Meyer. Sweetgreen also encompasses all the trends that modern foodies love; i.e. healthy, fresh, organic, and local.

Sweetgreen also started the technology craze used by restaurants. While other companies are just getting used to embracing technology, Sweetgreen’s co-founders are tech pioneers. They’ve made technology part of the brand’s identity. Currently, nearly one-third of the franchises transactions occur through their website or mobile app.

Even more original is their management style. They’ve never been fans of big corporations or main headquarters. They’ve, instead, embrace an agile and fluid management method. They also believe staying close to their customers. This is why they often shut down their corporate offices to let employees work in their local restaurants.

The business works so well thanks to the co-founders friendship. They are all Georgetown University graduates who met in an entrepreneurship class. Their parents were also entrepreneurs, who still own their own businesses. Their upbringings inspired them to start their own company and meeting only encouraged them further.

Despite the initial enthusiasm, their experienced the same fear that all entrepreneurs face: fear of failure. In August 2007, after graduating, they noticed that Georgetown didn’t have any healthy eating options. They decided to launch Sweetgreen, and students loved it. Their true test came during their first winter break when most of the student body is away.

Their parents taught them to work hard and never quit. With that being said, working hard can lead to other problems down the road. Because of their dedication to the company, they didn’t build a team to help them soon enough.

They eventually became overworked and struggled to let anyone else help them. They’d become so accustomed to doing all the work themselves that it was hard for them to let go and trust that other people can do the job as well.

Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and  Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

OSI Industries Is One Of The Food Industry’s Major Players

Even after 100 years of being in business, OSI Industries is not slowing down its forray into the global food distribution world. OSI Industries is the main supplier of all the burgers and chicken sandwiches that you find at McDonalds and several other fast food restaurants. They own meat processing centers across the US where the meats are prepared and packaged according to client demands, and they’ve also had more factories built in Europe and Asia to meet the demands of their fast food restaurants in those markets.

OSI Industries has pretty much no limits to how they customize their foods and they ship out both raw and precooked ready-to-order foods to clients everywhere. They’ve made it a point to have open ears to what their client demands are and make sure they deliver the products to specifically fit the client’s brand and customer base. They’ve also made safety inspections and eliminating all diseases associated with meat preparation a priority, and they’ve even won the Globe of Honour by the British Health and Safety Commission for practicing strict guidelines.

OSI Industries is also committed to their employees’ work experience and making sure they look at their time at OSI as productive and one that gives them opportunity to move up. And they’ve also sought to add more jobs when they’ve bought out factories, including a former Tyson Food plant in south Chicago that was facing closure and laying off hundreds of employees. OSI was able to invest and turn that plant around as well as retaining those employees. The way OSI CEO Sheldon Lavin has described the company is as an open door company where they want to hear the feedback and suggestions coming from employees.

OSI Industries began in the early 1900s, a company originating from a German-American butcher who brought in livestock to a small Chicago shop and managed to thrive even through the hard times of the Great Depression. After more than 40 years of keeping the company running, it was named Otto & Sons and by the 1950s McDonalds CEO Ray Kroc began the partnership with Otto & Sons that’s lasted to this day. It was Sheldon Lavin who turned Otto & Sons into a real dynamic meat wholesale force back in the 1970s when he brought his financial planning and investment knowledge to the company. He was later sold the ownership shares in the company, renamed it to OSI Industries and started what’s been 40 years of international growth.

OSI Group Info:

IDLife: You No Longer Have to Guess When Choosing Your Supplements

IDLife is a health and wellness company that is focused on changing the way people look at health and fitness. Their products consist of nutritional supplements that help you lose weight, increase your energy, and feel hydrated.

IDLife stands for “individually designed life”. They strongly believe no two bodies are alike, so they designed their products and website keeping in mind that everyone has different nutritional needs. Their website provides customers with a short and easy health questionnaire to help find nutritional supplements ideal for your lifestyle and personal goals. The questionnaire asks you questions related to your activity level, diet, lifestyle, medical history, and medications. It is free and confidential, and it saves you a bunch of time. No more spending hours searching for products that will work best for you. Also, the health assessment will create a vitamin program that is customized just for you. The recommended products are determined by science-based research, so you can purchase your products with confidence.

More About the Products

There is a wide range of products for every individual, including kids. The supplements are very high quality, and they stick to non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free ingredients. IDLife has multiple product lines including an Energy line providing you with 6 hours of energy, a Hydrate line that provides a blend of electrolytes and antioxidants, a Pre and Post Workout line with mixes in multiple flavors, and even a skincare line with anti-aging defenses. They also offer kid-friendly products including chewable tablets full of essential vitamins and minerals, a Kids Shake, and a Kids Bar that is free of nuts. Vegan customers are given the option of a vegan shake and a vegan Hydrate mix. All of their products have a 30-day money back guarantee.

For more information on IDLife supplements, please visit their website.

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What People do not Know about Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is the current president, CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of the company. The company has been researching and developing a variety of clinical and pre-clinical products aimed at treating some cancer and other autoimmune illnesses. The successes that the company has achieved so far include the creation of the anti body conjugate, ADCETRIS, which got approval from the FDA a few years ago.

The man behind the success of the clinical trials company has been Clay Siegall. He has assisted the company in raising more than $330 million through both public and private funding. In 2001, he agreed to have the company listed in an IPO at NASDAQ. Their shares have been trading under the name of SGEN. Other agreements that have helped raise funds for the group include the worldwide cooperation they entered into with Genentech for SGN-40. The product was valued at $860 million. Others include Curagen, Bayer, MedImmune, and Progenics, all who have brought in a total of $65 million in the past decade.

There are some institutions that Clay Siegall had worked with before founding Seattle Genetics. These include Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical and the National Cancer Institute. He branched off to start his own company because he felt that he could make as much impact as he dreamed if he was working in his terms. Clay has a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland, and a Ph.D. in genetics from the George Washington University.

When asked what the company was planning to do next, he explained that unlike the other companies who sell off to Big Pharma after making their breakthrough, he was planning to stay and expand the reach of Seattle Genetics. He added that they have been with the company even in the past when things were complicated and that their vision was to become a global leader in offering workable treatments for cancer and related indications. He added that they had no intentions of selling off anytime soon.

Dr. Walden Does Not Hide Her Knowledge

Dr. Walden is an American plastic surgeon who works hard to help individuals have the body and features that they want for themselves. She is someone who has worked with some people in her career, and she has changed lives with the work that she has completed. Dr. Walden is the daughter of a dentist and a surgical nurse, and her life has been committed to the medical world, and to plastic surgery in particular. This woman is someone who has gained much knowledge through the work that she has completed and with the training that she has received, and she is not afraid of sharing her knowledge with those who might be interested.

There are times when the media will be looking for a commentator, someone who can share information on a particular subject to educate others. Dr. Walden is someone who speaks up in those times and who is involved with various media forms. She is someone who is a commentator on the subject of plastic surgery. She is open with the information and knowledge that she has, and she is eager to help others learn and grow through all that she has to share.

Dr. Walden co-wrote the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook. She is someone who is willing to put the information and knowledge that she has gleaned through the years out where others can find it and make use of it. This doctor is someone who is smart, and she is willing to do what she can to help others be smart like she is. Dr. Walden treats others kindly, and she works with her patients to make sure that they know that they are not alone. She helps her patients understand what is going to happen to them, and she lets them know that she knows the place they are in and all that they are feeling.

Talk Fusion CEO Brings Marketing and Technology Expertise to Rebranded HuffPost

Bob Reins, the Founder and CEO of the Florida-0based Talk Fusion Company that deals in marketing solutions, has published some articles that were posted in the Huffington Post. The articles are designed to develop the marketing skills that most companies lack as a way of associating themselves with the world of technology and business. Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Company wrote the first post that talked about the purpose of promoting your business when you understand the specific needs your clients want for a better innovation capability in this industry. This was the article that was widely adopted by a massive range of readers before the Huffington post changed its name to the HuffPost.


The newest article developed by Bob Reina is one that talks about how to thrive in a society that is full of people quitting from their dreams. As a business leader, the article denotes you as one of the people who has gone a long way in determining your industry’s credentials in the world of business. Therefore, you could advocate for a working solution if you intend to achieve advanced business solutions through the success mode of your mind. If you are looking towards solving all the business challenges you face, you will always achieve whatever you want as you strive to become part of the solution to every business need in the industry.


With the new spin on motion and its change of name, the HuffPost will deliver the most sophisticated source of information and insight for business insiders as well as readers ( Many people will have access to the HuffPost for free as they will deliver the most sophisticated capability in this industry. If you are a business entity looking towards succeeding in business, the HuffPost should be your best friend.


Talk Fusion Company is an al-inclusive video marketing company with a wide range of business solution in the industry. Talk Fusion Company is also dedicated to helping its clients achieve the most sophisticated business capabilities that can only be advanced through research and innovation. Talk Fusion Company is one of the dynamic ways of enhancing deal structuring processes in the world of business.