Adam Milstein Named Among the Top 200 Most Prominent Philanthropists in the World

Earlier this month, Adam Milstein’s name was included in the list of the 200 most influential philanthropists worldwide. This was part of a list of social entrepreneurs and leading philanthropists on social networks. The list was generated by Richtopia, a publication based in London, in coordination with Rise, a social media grading system.




Milstein was ranked in number 187 based on the influence his Facebook and Twitter accounts command in the philanthropic world. Adam is the Chairman and co-initiator of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), as well as a leader in other high-flying Jewish organizations. These include; Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC, StandWithUs and the Israel on Campus Coalition.


Other Influential Philanthropists in the List


A number of various business leaders cum philanthropists are also included in the list like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Eric Trump, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill and Melinda Gates. Politicians include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama. Other influential public figures known for their philanthropy include Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, J.K. Rowling, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ashton Kutcher, Elton John and Arianna Huffington.


Adam’s Reaction to the Inclusion


Adam Milstein stated that he felt honored for having been included in the influential list that included notable world leaders. He added that his philanthropic works form part of the most gratifying and important parts of his life. He revealed that he was grateful to his wife Gila, IAC and the many Jewish world organizations that have partnered with them in order to make a difference. He described the Milstein Family Foundation as one whose mission is built on two important pillars: fortifying the Jewish people as well as their homeland, Israel. According to Milstein, the family foundation achieves its goals by embracing principles of funding projects that impact life positively, active philanthropy as well as building synergies among organizations. He affirmed that the foundation would still push on with its mission.


About Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American whose prominence springs up from his active philanthropy, community leadership and investment in the real estate sector. He went to the Technion School back in 1987. On arriving in the U.S. he enrolled at the USC where he earned his MBA. He ventured into real estate and is currently based at Hager Pacific Properties.




The Cleansing Conditioner Way To Beautiful Hair

Chaz Dean is a man who believes in pure unadulterated nature and implements that in the product line he put out. Chaz is the curator of Wen Cleansing Conditioners, a product which has been making waves around Hollywood and stylists alike.

Wen Cleansing Conditioners is a revolutionary product that has redefined hair care, giving all those you use it soft and beautiful hair.

Cleansing conditioners have been making the rounds among hair experts as the brilliant alternative to shampoos. Shampooing the hair every day can strip them of the natural oils that they possess, causing them to lose their luster and softness. Most shampoos contain a high amount of sulfates which is the ingredient that causes the shampoo to lather. However, sulfates can damage your hair, more than help it, causing your bad hair days to increase. However, not washing one’s hair regularly can lead to it becoming rough, oily and can result in bad odor. That’s when cleansing conditioners come into save the day! Because they have immense amounts of moisturizing properties, they help cleanse the hair and don’t leave it feeling damaged even if you use it every day.

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Wen Cleansing Conditioners have a bunch of useful benefits which is why it is becoming so sought after. For starters, the cleansing conditioners are au natural and contain no chemicals or sulfates. By using Wen Cleansing Conditioners, you can be assured that you are giving your hair all the good nutrients that nature has to offer, all while keeping it away from the chemicals that harm them. They keep your hair moisturized while keeping it clean and giving it a good texture. This 5-1 formula is the one stop solution, combining shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler.

Apply Wen Cleansing Conditioners on wet hair, and rinse it just before you step out of the shower, and you will get the healthy hair you have always wanted.

Julie Zuckerberg: The Deutsche Bank Recruiting Executive

Julie Zuckerberg is the person behind the staff and lead employees who work for the German originated Deutsche Bank. She recruits for the bank and that is exactly what she has been doing most of her career.

In the world of finance, there is always the need to have someone who can spot and attract talent when you want to get staff for your firm, bank or corporation. Julie is one of the people who gets the best staff and her position as one of the executives in this bank has given her the opportunity to advance and show off her exemplary skills.

Finance business needs one to be on their roles all the times, to gain an edge over the competition and the best way to do that is getting the best people to work for you. On that note, Julie is doing a good job in her current position.

The Background of Julie Zuckerberg

Her first job was at Hudson where she started working in 2002 and left in 2007. While she was working there, her job was to be the candidate headhunter and placement manager for attorneys and also the paralegals. She also worked for case managers and staff for law firms.

Her next job was at Citi where she worked as the vice-president and her most accomplished skill as a recruiter. She worked there for a while until the year 2013.

While she was there, she was tasked with staffing, a job that she did satisfactorily until her departure.

Her next job was at The New York Life Insurance Company.

Alma Mater

She attended the following schools for her credentials:

  • City University of New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School.
  • She studied Philosophy at City University of New York Brooklyn College.
  • Her last time was studying law at the New York Law School.

The Julie Zuckerberg Pack

Julie has an instinct that has over the years enabled her to do her job as a recruiter quite well. She has set an example for other to follow. She has qualities that make her very good at what she does.

She has these skills that enable her to be at the top always.

  • She is pioneer and a leader
  • As an interviewer, she is nothing short of shrewdly intuitive
  • Planning, operations and company strategy is right up her alley
  • She can plan takeovers for different companies merging or new administration moving in
  • She has a way of training recruits that brings out the best in them
  • When it comes to conflict resolution and association among the employees, she runs a smooth machine with well-oiled cogs.

Julie’s Free Time Interests

Apart from being an enthusiastic recruiter who loves her job, she also loves running, photography, welfare and rights issues, technology news and advancements. She lives to fight for civil rights, human rights and she also loves scientific achievements

She lives in New York Manhattan.

Now Is The Time To Buy High-End Real Estate In Florida

According to the Miami Herald, 2017 is a great year to buy high-end real estate in southern Florida, especially the Miami Beach area. It is expected that it will be a buyers market due to a lot of residential properties that are currently for sale. This market includes homes that are in the range of $1 to $5 million dollars. Based on

A few additional reasons for optimism are the end of the last rancorous national election cycle as well as an increase in confidence among consumers. Market conditions have led to an increase of 36% of for sale luxury homes as compared to 212 and sales in this segment are up 25%. In Miami Beach, much of the properties for sale are either on the beach or within very easy walking distance.

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Someone that has been very experienced in Miami Beach real estate for the last 15 years is Samuel Strauch who serves as the Principal of Metrik Real Estate. Under the guidance of Samuel Strauch, the firm has developed into a real estate agency with three main areas; management of residential properties, brokerage, and equity and development. Samuel Strauch has also increased the reach of the company into locations in Latin America that offer investors in those regions the opportunity to invest in real estate in Miami Beach as well as the surrounding area.

Samuel Strauch’s performance as a real estate agent is far above that of his peers in the same market. Strauch sells 5 homes for every 3 that the average real estate agent sells in the same area, and a remarkable 38 condos compared to the average of just 3. He also outperforms on how quickly he can sell properties as his average, according to, is just 100 days while most agents average more than that at 156 days average on the market.

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Comparative Law and its Founding Father

Comparative law is the study of theories on legal systems where the systems are compared to each other. Comparative law has been practiced for more than a century. Of recent times, the law has gained importance due to two reasons. One, increased world trade globalization has created the need to trade in legal systems that are unfamiliar. Two, there has been efforts made towards harmonizing laws. Most recently, there have been efforts made towards codification among the members of European Union, which have several legal systems.  Learn more about this on


Sujit Choudhry is the Professor of law at I. Michael Heyman and Berkeley Law’s Dean. He is recognized globally as the authority on the comparative law of constitution and comparative constitutional development. The research that Sujit has done gives answers to basic questions of methodology in the law of the constitution.


The professor has published more than ninety articles, book chapters, reports and working papers. His collections that are edited are Constitution Making, Migration of Constitution ideas, and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies. Sujit Choudhry is a member of the Board of Editors of IJC-ICON, Executive Committee of ISPL-ICON.S, Editorial Advisory Board of Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, and Editorial Board of CCR-South Africa.


According to,  Sujit is additionally the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This is the first University in the World that generates and mobilizes knowledge and information in an effort to build the constitution. He has also consulted for the World Bank Institute and worked as an expert to support transitions in constitutions in foreign jurisdictions like Jordan, Nepal, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Sri Lanka.


Before being part of Berkeley Law, Sujit was Professor of Law at New York University School of Law. He was also Scholl Chair at Toronto University’s Faculty of Law. He has also received the Trudeau Fellowship in 2010. Sujit has been a clerk to Antonio Lamer a chief justice at Canada Supreme Court. He also holds degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Havard.

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Maggie Gill’s Leadership Success

The Memorial Health Center owes a lot to one Maggie Gill. The center has seen a lot of success come its way ever since she started working for the company. It was in 2004 when Gill joined the health care center where she served as its vice president in the finance sector. However, she only served in this position for one year then she assumed a new role of the center’s chief operating officer. In the year 2011, to no one’s surprise, she was made the center’s CEO and its president. It is then that her leadership skills started becoming evident.

Her Educational Background

For you to assume the position that she has, you must be learned, and sure enough, she has not disappointed in that either. In the year 2010, from Kansas State University, she acquired her Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience. For her postdoctoral fellowship, she proceeded to the Medical University of South Carolina. After that, she taught psychology and neuroscience causes at North Central College.

About Her Leadership Success

Throughout the entire MUMC, she is the overall leader. Her leadership role extends to outside the center where she is associated with being responsible for matters such as government relationships, management of facilities, providing trauma services and providing financial assistance to other institutions.

Her leadership tenure can be termed as a success as she has led MUMC to scoop various awards. For example, in a recent award ceremony, her health center scooped seven awards for its efforts in trying to better the health and the entire well-being of the society. In other events, the health center or some of its workers have gone on to be nominated for various education and health awards.


Not only has Gill succeeded in her studies but also as a leader and in managing Memorial Health Care Center. Her efforts have in the process seen her winning several awards and making a milestone achievement in bettering the healthcare system.

Waiakea Shaking the Bottled Water Industry

Ryan Emmons ventured into the bottled water business at the age of 22, a sector that is mainly dominated by much older entrepreneurs, to establish Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Waiakea has grown within a short period to become a major player in the beverage industry.

In order to address the gap that existed in the market, Emmons and his co-founder, Matt Meyer, responded by giving the consumers a product that does not only cater for their health needs, but also adheres to environmental standards and benefits.

Forbes said that the uniqueness of Waiakea water originates from the source where it’s obtained (active Mauna Loa volcano). This source is not only among the cleanest on the planet, but it also naturally adds essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

These minerals give the product its healthy properties that are useful to your nails, skin, hair and bones. The water also contains electrolyte and alkaline minerals that play a pivotal role in hemostasis.

Since its inception in 2012, Waiakea water has grown on a pace of 170% per year. This astronomical growth is attributed to steady increase of distribution channels. This growth has given the company financial muscle to indulge in charitable causes that are aimed at bringing positive changes in communities.

Through partners like PumpAid, donations of over 500 million liters of water have gone into benefiting people in Africa who live in water-scarce areas.

Waiakea employs eco-friendly techniques throughout the production process; this is aimed at combating adverse effects to the environment. The Waiakea water packaging bottles are produced through recycling.

This saves over 85% of energy, an indication that the firm is committed to initiating the necessary steps that need to be taken to prevent further damage to the environment. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

In addition, the main source that supplies water to the plant takes less time to replenish the tanks, hence leaving Waiakea springs to continue flowing naturally.

Plans are underway to expand manufacturing facilities into four more continents to enable the company meet the growing demand across the borders.

According to Specialty Food, having gained a large customer base within a short span, Waiakea water is truly a unique brand in the market today.

Knowledge Is Crucial To Crisis Marketing According to Jose Borghi

Leave it to the marketing experts to find the solution to every business related problem. Jose Borghi is one of the business professionals that can help businesses turn profits even in economically tough times. He has a strategy that he recommends other people use. His strategy is to learn as much as he can about the market so that he can adapt his marketing accordingly. There are many aspects of marketing that are crucial to the success of the company. Jose Borghi encourages people to take a look at all of these aspects so that they can make the most of their chances.

Among the aspects of the market that businessmen have to look at are the demands. As one learns of the demands of the market, he will know what needs to be done in order to meet the demands. He will at least know whether it is worth the attempt to try to meet the demands or not. This will save the company money because this will cause it to avoid any campaigns that are not going to deliver the returns on investments. After all, it is not enough to make money for a business to succeed. Being able to manage the money is also important.

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Another method that could work is finding the market that is the strongest. Not all markets are equal. In an economic crisis, some markets are going to be more affected than others. Therefore, it is important for businessmen to find the strongest markets and focus all of their attention on those markets. This will maximize the returns they will get and possibly keep their business earning even when the economy is not in the best condition. Of course with people like Jose Borghi, they can rest assured that they are going to have an ad campaign that is going to really speak to the strongest market.


Superior Plumbing Service With The Sunny Plumber.

Can you imagine a word where every plumber goes above and beyong the call of duty? Just stop and think about getting top quality plumbing services when you need them most. When was the last time your plumber came in and gave you a free whole house inspection to make sure that all of your plumbing is safe? Well, if you feel like this is all like living in dream land, you need to take a look on the bright side and call on the service of The Sunny Plumber. Who is this mystery plumber you ask? Well, he is there when you need him 24/7/365 to service anything from a leak in your sink or a stuffed up drain or worse.

The Sunny Plumber will never keep you in the dark when it comes to your plumbing needs. He will offer you the family friendly service you can trust. By treating your family and your home with a level of care and respect, his knowledgeable team will work hard to rectify your plumbing issues and get it corrected quickly. You can also assure that the whole team is safe to be around your family. All of the staff are uniformed so you can identify them with ease and they have passed background checks and drug testing. Our goal is not just to fix your plumbing once, but to offer you a lifetime of service that you can trust and count on.

Our customers say that we are the brightest choice in the business and we strive to be professional and committed to the cause by providing you an amazing plumbing experience. We offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee too. It is simple to see that satisfied customers with happy plumbing is our number one priority. So, when you need a plumber, call on us.


Highland Capital Management And Its Charitable Causes

Highland Capital Management, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a financial firm that offers investment advice to its clients. In addition to its Dallas location, Highland Capital Management has affiliates located in São Paulo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore. The company is SEC-registered and, along with its affiliates, has about $15.4 billion in assets under management. The company specializes in alternative investments that are outside of the traditional stocks and bonds investments. The company’s clients include high-net-worth individuals, public pension plans, funds of funds, financial institution, governments, endowments, and foundations.

Highland Capital Management is committed to giving back to the communities in which its employees live. The company supports both national nonprofit organizations and local community charities. The ways in which it supports charities including volunteerism, financial donations, and members of the company sitting on the advisory boards of a number of not-for-profits. Highland Capital Management is particularly focused on veteran’s issues, healthcare, and education.

In 2014 the company issued $1,000,000 challenge grant for Dallas charity Snowball Express. The company matched money donated to this cause dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $1,000,000. Snowball Express helps children who have lost a parent serving in the military. The charity helps children throughout the United States with resources and support. Due to the match Snowball Express was given a total of $1.7 million in donations.

Another recent charity the company helped with is the Southern Methodist University (SMU) where Highland Capital Management used $2,000,000 to create the Endowed Tower Scholars Program. This program will provide gifted students the opportunity to experience public policy making at SMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies.

As Highland Capital Management now gives away over $3 million a year they partnered with the Dallas Foundation in order to manage their charitable givings in an organized fashion. The partnership, Highland Dallas Foundation, is managed by Linda Owen who has extensive experience in the nonprofit industry.