Highland Capital’s James Dondero Makes $1 Million Challenge

When attending a recent luncheon, the President and co founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero made a $1 million challenge. Dondero looked to provide a grant worth $1 million to urge his company to complete a project for charity. The firm is looking to finish a $16.5 million project which would help provide funding for a local Dallas charity known as The Family Place. With the funding available, The Family Place will have the money they need in order to reach its current objectives. The Family Place is an organization that provides support for individuals who are victims of family violence. With its many programs, a number of people in the Dallas metro area have been able to get the help they need in order to recover from negative experiences from family members.


James Dondero is currently the co founder and President of one of the top financial services firms in the world. He currently runs Highland Capital Management which is an investment firm located in Dallas, Texas. The firm provides a wide range of financial services to many clients. When James first started up this firm, he originally formed it as one that provided life insurance. However, he looked to expand the firm in a number of ways after the first few years of its existence. James began to offer a number of financial services to clients such as advising, wealth management and also the supervision of institutional portfolios. He would also allow his firm to provide services to individuals, pension fund investors, financial institutions, government organizations and corporations.


Before James began his career in finance, he studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. He would graduate from this university with degrees in accounting and finance as well. Along with completing these degrees, James would also graduate with high honors. After finishing college, Dondero began his career in finance by working as a credit analyst. Over the course of his career, he would advance and eventually attain the position as chief investment officer. At this position, James would manage billions of dollars of assets for a number of major corporations.

How Vincent Parascandola has supported the Success of AXA

AXA is a reputable insurance corporation that serves various nations across the globe. The company’s headquarters are located in 8th Arrondissement, Paris. The primary services that the multinational firm offers include insurance, investment management, and various finance solutions. It has made significant accomplishments for the past eight years, and its growth rate has been about 14 percent. The business is ranked as number one in the sector. The main regions where the firm operates include North America, Asia-Pacific, and Western Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


The enterprise started using the name AXA in 1985, and it was initially known as Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. The firm managed to grow in the international market by acquiring business such as Provincial Holdings, Winterthur Group, Guardian Royal Exchange, and Sun Life. AXA is dedicated to supporting various philanthropic undertakings. It has been funding institutions that study different aspects that can be threatening to human life since 2008 when it established the AXA Research Fund. The body has offered monetary support to over 250 projects in the past there years.


Vincent Parascandola is one of the longest serving employees of AXA Advisors. He acts as the senior executive president and his roles in the enterprise include development, management, hiring, and retaining finance experts. He creates and executes great strategies that assist the firm in accomplishing its short term and long term objectives. Parascandola also offers investment guidance on matters such as bonds, mutual funds, annuities and stocks, retirement plans, and estate planning strategies. All the services that he provides to the company’s clients are devoted to bettering their financial goals.


Parascandola has 25 years’ experience in the industry. He is an alumnus of the Pace University and has a degree in economics and finance from the institution. Vinny also holds an MBA from the university. The finance expert’s first employer was Prudential, which hired him in 1987. He was an excellent performer and won the Rookie of the Year Award. He has exceptional knowledge of the finance sector. LIMRA and GAMA have both offered him a chance to inspire professionals during their conferences. Vincent Parascandola has also been honored by organizations such as Westchester Cop Fund, GAMA, and the Master Agency Awards.


Mike Baur and his Company Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss entrepreneur Mike Baur has put together one of the more innovative companies in the nation. He is the co founder of Swiss Startup Factory which helps provide guidance to a number of startup companies. Over the first few years of the firm’s existence, it has helped a number of new companies get established and experience a considerable amount of success. Before Mike began a career in entrepreneurship, he worked in banking as well as invested in startup companies. These two experiences gave Mike the foundation necessary to successfully start up his own company. Baur’s experience with startups spans over three decades which has enabled him to be a valuable advisor to many new companies looking to achieve success.


Mike’s company Swiss Startup Factory provides comprehensive advisement, mentorship and coaching to a number of entrepreneurs. When looking to work with companies, Swiss Startup Factory allows them to attend an event where they showcase their business. Entrepreneurs will typically present their business idea and tell the company how it can be beneficial for the economy. Baur will then evaluate each business idea and choose businesses that have potential for success. Whenever a business is chosen, it will be given advice on how to improve various things such as finance, marketing, management and the development of products and services.


When a company receives mentorship from Swiss Startup Factory, one of the things they will get assistance with is product development. Since most businesses offer products for sale, it is important to make them competitive. This means producing high quality items that meet the demand for consumers. Swiss Startup Factory will often suggest ways on how to improve the products and to regularly advance their quality. As a result, new businesses will have the guidance they need in order to offer the best products available.


Another aspect that Swiss Startup Factory helps new companies in is finance. Over the course of his career, Mike Baur has provided financial guidance to a number of new businesses. As the co founder of his company, he provides the same thing now to new companies looking to establish themselves. Mike and his company will provide guidance on how to manage income, revenues, expenses, and debts. He will also suggest the most appropriate times to get a loan in order to expand operations. By providing sound financial advice, many entrepreneurs have been able to stabilize the monetary aspects of their company.



Ken Goodrich Turns Around The Goettl Air Conditionng Business

The Goettl brand of air conditioners and servicing technicians has always been at the heart of the HVAC industry in Nevada and Arizona, with the spiritual home of the brand being located in the city of Phoenix where brothers Adam and Gust Goettl established the brand in the 1930s. The ownership of Goettl has recently been taken on by business leader Ken Goodrich, a man who specializes in buying businesses in difficulty and finding ways to return them to profit; the purchase of Goettl was a different proposition for Ken Goodrich, who assisted his Las Vegas based father in repairing Goettl brand units as a child and has always had an interest in this historic brand.

Learn more about the company at Goettlshdm.com.

For Ken Goodrich the nature of modern business is dedicated far too much in the profits made by a company at any time. The first thing Ken Goodrich did at Goettl was stop discussing profits and instead looked to make Goettl a key part of the community in Arizona and Nevada, where the HVAC repair and servicing brand has become a major part of the local community with many charitable donations made to individuals and families in these areas and has seen a 500 percent increase in business since Goodrich purchased the brand.


The Goettl HVAC company has often been credited with providing the HVAC industry with its initial growth across the U.S. for an industry that now sees an estimated 86 percent of U.S. households using an air conditioning system of some kind.


In the 21st century, Goettl is hoping to build a new team of HVAC technicians that have been trained at the impressive and Goettl sponsored program at the College of Southern Nevada; Goettl has provided scholarships and sponsorship options for students and the entire program at this respected technical college.


Bob Reina Set to Share Insights on Business and Technology on Rebranded News Platform

When Bob Reina first got the idea to start a business that would allow users to send videos via email easily, he had no way of knowing that it would grow into a global multimillion dollar enterprise. Reina’s innovation led to the establishment of video marketing company Talk Fusion in 2007. The firm began operations with a bang, launching Video Email, its flagship product. This eventually developed into the first integrated video marketing solution in the world.


Bob Reina currently serves as Talk Fusion’s Chief Executive Officer. He has been able to lead the company to international success through am an intriguing mix of visionary innovation, dynamic leadership, and a passion for helping others. Further, he was able to channel his over 25 years’ of direct marketing experience into promoting his innovation. In fact, this direct selling model now forms the core of Talk Fusion overarching marketing approach.


Recently, Reina brought this experience to HuffPost, which rebranded from Huffington Post in the past few weeks. He was among the first to have articles posted on the changing news platform. His articles were titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience,” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” These offerings went live on HuffPost in late April, right in the midst of the platform’s night-and-day rebrand.


Lydia Polgreen, HuffPost’s Editor in Chief, explained that this rebranding was done with the aim of telling the stories of the overlooked and disenfranchised minority. This goal resonates with Reina’s lifelong mission as both HuffPost’s contributor and the leader of Talk Fusion. Since mid-2016, he has been a regular contributor on the platform, sharing articles that focus on entrepreneurship, trends in technology, marketing, self-development, and lifestyle.


With his unique background, Reina brings a unique and compelling outlook to the news platform. On the rebrand, he explains that successful brands never stop evolving and integrating new innovations into their systems. This dedication to evolution is shown in HuffPost’s focus in fulfillment and culture. He further stated that the future of their collaboration looked bright, and he was excited to keep sharing content with the news provider’s 200 million subscribers.



Top Executive Brings His Knowedge Of Community Banking To Bankers Conference

The banking industry is accused of many different things, but for NexBank CEO John Holt has been seeking ways of engaging with the local community to aid the expansion of the bank into many new areas of its home state of Texas. As a successful developer of community links through the banking industry, NexBank’s CEO was recently invited to provide a talk to his fellow bankers and consultants at the “Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference“.


Nexbank has always played a major role in the local community of Dallas, Texas as the bank has a long history dating back to its time as the Heritage Bank that has a historic charter dating back to 1922. The company has been a high banking institution for almost a century and now manages more than $4.6 million in assets the bank has built up in recent years; one of the major changes that has occurred at NexBank in recent years has been the growing number of products and services on offer to customers, which range from traditional checking accounts to more complex real estate and construction mortgage services.


John Holt’s skills as a leading community banking official have led to him providing his talk to fellow banking experts on the subject of “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. Holt has become a major part of the Dallas, Texas banking landscape and gave his own views on how both technology and mergers can play a role in building a successful community bank. For John Holt and NexBank the available options for creating a successful banking institution can also be organic and include success achieved by developing branches members of a community come to rely on for their fnancial needs.


Served Customers Nearly Eight Decades; Goettl Air Conditioning Still Soldiers On

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the oldest companies based in Arizona. For nearly eight decades, the firm has managed to deliver systems that are consistent with its pioneers’ mission of providing cooling services to Arizona residents during hot summer periods. The company recently celebrated its 78th birthday. The ceremony was held on Valentine Day of 2017, a day that coincided with Arizona’s 105th birthday.


Goettl’s history dates back to 1939, when it was founded by brothers- Gust and Adam Goettl. Since its inception in Phoenix, the company has grown unprecedentedly to become a leading brand in the heating and air conditioning industry. The Goettl brothers were the first explorers of air conditioning technology, and they received immerse accolade worldwide for their innovation. The entrepreneurs founded the firm as a metal sheet company, concentrating on manufacturing of evaporative coolers. However, little did they know that the company would grow tremendously into a giant corporation. While speaking at the birthday ceremony, Ken Goodrich, CEO and present owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, said that despite undergoing numerous transitions since its inaugural time, the company still upholds its commitment and values of satisfying customers. The top leaders of the company expressed his gratitude to the inventors of the industry, as well as exuded pride of carrying on the values that were planted by the pioneers.


Since its formation eight decades ago, Goettl has managed to overcome all kinds of turbulence in the business world. In 2013 the company was acquired by Goodrich and it has continued to maintain its growth trajectory. Starting 2015, Goettl has recorded unbelievable growth of up to 500 Percent. Today, Goettl has expanded its operations to Las Vegas, offering HVAC equipment and services. Beside, Goettl provides a wide variety of indoor air quality services. In the recent past, the company was crowned as the Best HVAC Company by readers of Arizona Foothills Magazine.


With its presence in strategic locations including Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California,Goettl Air Conditioning is able to sufficiently serve its customer base. It is a top provider of excellent heating and AC equipment. It also offers high quality maintenance service that range from repair to replacement. More interestingly, the services are delivered by highly trained personnel who have undergone rigorous training. Goettl is truly a legend company that has built its success and reputation over many years.




Jim Tananbaum Tackles Healthcare Businesses

The healthcare industry can be difficult especially for people who want to come up with new designs and innovations. These can be costly and that can cause major problems for people who want to get their innovations out there. It is something that Jim Tananbaum knows a lot about and has worked to make sure that it is going to be something that can change depending on the different options that are available to the people who he works with. Everything that Jim Tananbaum does leads back to being able to help people get what they can out of different situations so that he will be able to make all of the right moves when it comes to the options that he has. For Jim Tananbaum, he knows the right way to do business and how to help the healthcare industry get the information that they need from different things that they are working on.

The healthcare industry involves everything from biomedical options to new innovations with treatments for certain diseases. It can be very costly to come up with these solutions and Jim Tananbaum knows that. For that reason, he created Foresite Capital. The company works to provide people with the options that they need. For example, innovators in the healthcare industry are able to show people what they are doing with different things by offering them a lot of money that they can use. It is an investment firm that has allowed people the chance to make sure that they are making a lot of money.

According to INC42, Business is something that Jim Tananbaum is comfortable with and confident in. He has several degrees in both the healthcare and financial industries. He knows the right type of investments and knows how to make sure that people are investing their money in all of the right things. He uses each of these tactics to make things easier for people who are in the healthcare industry. Because of this, Jim Tananbaum has been able to do a lot with the different options that are available to the people who are in the same type of industry. More details can be found on Researchgate.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/foresitecapital

Clay B. Siegall Is Passionate About Helping Cancer Patients

Clay B. Siegall is a prominent scientist who has played an integral role in conducting extensive research that seeks to develop cancer treatments. Through Seattle Genetics, he has made major contributions in the field of cancer therapy. Clay co-founded the biotechnology company in 1998. His passion for helping cancer patients was inspired by firsthand experience. His father was diagnosed with cancer and later on, died from complications of the disease. His dad’s ailment made him realize the shortage of oncology resources, which motivated him to venture into genetics. He sought to initiate many changes in the field of oncology. Dr. Clay is highly committed to his objective of bringing relief to cancer patients through developing cancer therapies. His enthusiasm has seen Seattle Genetics come up with products that prolong the lives of cancer patients. He believes that gaining knowledge in different fields is significant in aiding one to achieve his or her entrepreneurial goals. Clay attributes the firm’s success to their business strategy of collaborating with other companies in the industry, thus enhancing their research. This information was originally mentioned on Ideamensch as outlined in this link https://ideamensch.com/clay-b-siegall/

About Clay B. Siegall

Clay B. Siegall, PhD, serves as the president, CEO and chairman of Seattle Genetics. The company is a leader in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). He employs a blend of extensive research, drug development practices and his undying desire to help others to provide the company with visionary leadership. Clay played an instrumental role in ensuring that FDA approves their first ADC, ADCETRIS, in 2011. The company has collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to sell the drug in more than 65 countries. Dr. Siegall looks forward to ensuring that ADCETRIS is approved in many countries. He has also partnered with various companies to enhance their ADC technology.

Siegall studied genetics at the celebrated George Washington University where he earned his PhD. He is also an alumnus of the University of Maryland where he graduated with his B.S. in zoology. Previously, Clay worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute before joining the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. He is an active board member of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Washington Roundtable and Alder BioPharmaceuticals. Clay is a proud recipient of the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Siegall has written many articles, which have been published in different journals. He holds 15 patents.


Beneful at Target: Overview for dog owners

Dog owners are constantly looking for the best food choices at local stores. There is one dog food that is both healthy and easily accessible.

Beneful Dog Food at Target

Beneful dog food is a pet food brand that Target does carry; in a lot of variety too! Depending on the type of food and the amount purchased, owners can expect to pay a price range between $1.77 to $33.99. The dog food can be separated into three different categories:


The dry dog food can be purchased in different amounts ranging between 3.5 and 40 lbs. Beneful has plenty of flavorful options:
-Real salmon
-Savory rice & lamb
-Real beef & egg
-Real Chicken
-Real beef
There are also different types:
-Playful life
-Healthy weight
-Healthy puppy
-Grain free
The dry food bags vary between $5.49 and $33.99 in price.
Wet dog food
Single wet meals are $1.77 to $1.82. There are variety packs of twelve 3 oz cans for $7.49 or six 10 oz cans for $10.59. Their flavors include:
-Beef stew
-Chicken stew
-Mediterranean style melody
-Chopped blends
-Rice & lamb
-Roasted chicken
-Roasted turkey
-Romona style melody
-Simmered beef
-Tuscan style melody


There are baked delights or healthy smile treats. The treats start around $2.72. The weight of the treat packages ranges between 7.4 oz. and 9.5 oz. The flavors are not limited to:

-Peanut butter & cheese
-Bacon & cheese
-Apple & bacon

Additional Insights

Dog owners who are looking to try Beneful but don’t know where to start should try originals beef dry food; Target’s most popular Beneul food choice. Coupons can also be printed for savings.

Dog owners should stop by their local Target and see what Beneful can offer their dog!