Top Doctors Like Jennifer Walden Are Making Their Mark Helping Others

When you look online at the list of America’s Top Surgeons you will find Jennifer Walden close to the top of the list. She is well known and presents herself well on television and online. Jennifer was born in Austin Texas. In school, Jennifer was all-state in soccer. Her grades were fantastic and earned her a place as Salutatorian. Jennifer Walden went to college where she joined a fraternity. After completing her college education Jennifer went on to complete her Doctorate. She took a job in Manhattan New York as an Eye, Ear, and a Throat surgeon. She worked her way into having a fantastic reputation before choosing to return to her hometown of Texas. Jennifer has twin sons that are enjoying living close to the rest of their family.


Jennifer Walden is not only a top notch surgeon but she also enjoys writing. She has books on Amazon and does several personal appearances on ABC and other shows talking about noninvasive procedures as well as plastic surgery in general. She specializes in surgeries for teenagers and celebrities. Celebrities all over the world seek her out for her expertise and steady hands. Most people are very interested in her non-invasive line of procedures. She deals a lot with laser surgeries and things like Botox.


When asked how to keep yourself looking young, Jennifer will quickly explain that you have to eat right and take care of yourself. She introduces the knowledge of using things like sunscreen outside to reduce the chances of wrinkles. She also explains how drinking the right amount of water, not smoking, and doing exercises will decrease wrinkles. As a media commentator, she offers expertise in things like vaginal rejuvenation. She will debate the false information and help people understand the real reasons why women seek out these surgeries. Jennifer has won several awards in her career. She has received awards from the American W omens Association and The American Society Of Plastic Surgery. She is definitely someone to watch. Her whole career is based on making people look and feel better about themselves. Her new satellite office is open and you can read about her in the American Airlines Magazine when you fly the friendly sky.


Renowned NJ Dentist Avi Weisfogel Continues GoFundMe for Smiling Patients

Renowned New Jersey dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel believes every child deserves to smile, and that is why he supports Operation Smile. The not-for-profit, worldwide program supports free treatment of cleft lip and palate. Weisfogel, also known as the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, launched a GoFundMe page to assists doctors and patients abroad in their quest to offer free medical care.


Overseas, the term “cleft lip” or cleft palate is typically used rather negatively and is often discriminatory. It’s a common congenital malformation that leaves part of the lip and mouth undeveloped. The cause is due mainly to hereditary and some external factors, like smoking and alcohol abuse. Doctors have also pointed out environmental hazards like dioxins can cause a cleft lip, jaw or palate deformity. This gap in the lip can cause problems with feeding, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases, not to mention a lack of acceptance in the community. But these families lack money. Each year, teams of doctors and assistants travel overseas to work on this project. Weisfogel says he is committed to helping with the oral and maxillofacial surgery and improvement of aesthetics for these patients. This is why he launched his GoFundMe page.


As a dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is educated in mouth malformations, and dedicated to helping the less fortunate. A native of New Jersey, he graduated from Rutgers University with his undergrad degree in biology, and then attended New York University College of Dentistry, receiving his D.D.S. He went into private practice in 1999, opening the Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey.


He has instructed numerous doctors and dental affiliations, nationwide, on analyzing and treating sleep apnea patients. He has also presented numerous abstracts on sleep disturbances, and advocates for more inclusive research on the topic. Avi Weisfogel is extremely passionate and has a strong interest in global dentistry, and equal access to care.


Make sure you keep up to date with Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his Operation Smile

GoFundMe page.



Alexandre Gama To Win Another Golden Lion at Cannes

Alexandre Gama’s recent cultural production from 2015, Mix Brasil Festival for Cultural and Sexual Diversity, had won another Golden Lion at the Cannes Festival. This piece had depicted the normality and acceptance of homosexuality and transgender individuals in modern Brazil. The video was just 43 seconds long but filled to the brim with cultural messages. It was submitted under the NEOGAMA BBH company.

This is not the only award that Alexandre Gama had won. The Cannes Festival has been inviting him nearly every year and he had already accrued 23 Golden Lions. Since he is a master class producer, he is also invited as a guest judge on occasion.

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His previous project from 2013, the Rock Giant, was another international favorite of his. It was produced as a commercial for Johnnie Walker and featured a giant rock golem ring above the city of Rio de Janeiro. This spot was used not only in Brazil but also in select locations around the globe.

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White Shark Media is a Leading Online Marketing Company Because They Continue to Improve

Online advertising and marketing campaigns are a dime a dozen, so the key is to find one that is successful in handling your business. White Shark Media has been a leader in Adwords, SEO, SEM, PPC and managing online accounts for over a decade, and this client-oriented company has become a leader in the industry.


WSM was not a success overnight; they spent several years fine-tuning their company and they did this by listening to their clients. WSM made it a priority to amend their problem situations in the company.


This is unique in most companies who routinely toss complaints into the waste paper basket. The three founders of WSM have felt from the beginning that their clients and their viewpoints were vital, so they began to use them to improve their experience with WSM every day.


Here is an example in the early history of the company on how they satisfied their client’s needs. The client had lost communication with the agency and needed better communication. They were frustrated trying to call their contact person.


Instead of dismissing the problem, WSM scheduled a monthly GoToMeeting with every client in the company to review the previous month’s activities, and they also receive a written monthly report. The GoTo Meeting also displays both sides of their AdWords account simultaneously. WSM then added phone systems with direct extensions to bypass the receptionist that would connect with a supervisor if the contact person was unavailable.


White Shark media continues to address problems positively to improve the company as a whole.


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The Lung Institute Provides Medical Treatments For Patients With Lung Problems

For people with a medical problem, there are options open to help. Medical professionals and medical facilities provide a variety of medical services that can help people with a medical problem. When people are faced with the need for medical services, various things can affect how they are able to receive help. A main thing that affects how they approach medical services is the medical problem that they are dealing with at that time.

The type of problem has a lot to do with where people go for help and the type of help that they can receive. While every medical problem has its own set of challenges that people must deal with related to the medical problem, people with lung related medical problems have a certain set of options that they have available. The amount of help that can be accessed for people with lung problems may be fewer than other types of medical problems.

The reasons why people dealing with lung problems may have fewer medical options are numerous. One of the top reasons why lung problems tend to provide fewer options for the people affected by lung problems is that the area of lungs is a specialty. As a result, typically there are fewer medical facilities and medical professionals who can help with the lung problems.

Regarding lung problems, the number of problems concerning the lungs can vary widely. Many different medical issues can cause lung problems. The medical help that can be provided depends a lot on the lung problems and the cause of the lung problems. As the area of the lungs has become an area where more research is conducted and more medical professionals concentrate their medical efforts, there has been an increase in the number of medical options accessible for people dealing with lung problems.

The Lung Institute is a medical organization that has been providing medical services to people affected with lung problems for years. The institute has been able to do medical research concerning the lungs that involves stem cells. The research has been able to bring new treatments that use stem cells to help people with lung problems.

Stem cell treatment is a new option that was not available to lung patients a few decades ago. The medical profession has worked hard in the area of the lungs to bring new and innovative medical treatments to the medical world. Stem cell research has helped many people in their efforts to improve their lung conditions. Visit the Facebook page and website ( to learn more.

YouTube Vlogger Wengie’s Draw My Life Video


In this video, Wengie decides to take on a “Draw My Life” video where she talks about her life while creating simple drawings on a white board illustrating her stories. Wengie begins with her birth and early childhood experiences. She describes having difficulties with making friends and being introverted in high school. She turned to the internet where she felt comfortable interacting with new people. She began a beauty and fashion blog and eventually created her successful YouTube channel. This is an interesting video with cute stories about her life that her fans will definitely appreciate.



E-governe is More than Just Technology

For a technology-related company, E-governe is able to do much more than just provide solutions to their technology customers and to make sure that they have those exact solutions to be able to use. They are able to do so much more than just technology and that gives them the chance to be able to do more with the options that they have. It also allows them the chance to show people that they are made for more than just technology. Instead of just providing their clients with the technology that they have, they are able to apply it to different types of accounts on

When a customer comes to E-governe looking for solutions, the first thing that the company does is help them with the different options that they have. They want to make sure that they are able to customize different plans for their clients and, in most instances, that means that they will customize a solution exactly for that client. They do not have two plans that are identical because they make sure that their clients’ needs are taken care of instead of worrying about putting the help that they have into premade packages at

Because they work so hard to create customized help for their clients, they need to make sure that they have a very high level of security. Since they have a lot of client information on, they need to work to make sure that it is kept as private as possible. The way that they are able to keep it private is by creating their own security programs, using them and offering them to each of their clients. They can protect their information whether it is on the company computer or whether the client still holds onto the information. Because of how technologically-focused they are, they are able to create their own programs and help others with the programs that they have.

It is important to note that they do not just do this for their clients. Along with technology and security, they provide data entry solutions to all of their clients. Whether a client needs just some data entered or they want to have a complete and total analysis of the data that they have, they can get the solution that they need from E-governe. The company has worked hard to use the technology that they created to use for data entry and they continuously work to make sure that it is going to happen.

When customers choose to use E-governe, they will have the opportunity to make sure that they are doing more with the company and that they are going to be able to provide the clients with the options that they need. Because they work so hard with the companies that they consider clients, they need to have customer support to help them out with the options that they have. The customer support team that works with E-governe is compiled of experts and serves only one purpose: to help clients with whatever they need.


Then and now

The boom box in the 70s came with excitement as the user walk around carrying their favorite stations and tunes. It had two decks for cassettes, whereas music played on one, their deck could record what was being played on the first deck. The popularity of the boom box went even higher in the 80s after it was added to movies. Then came the 90s where the music experience was for the first time personalized by the introduction of walkmans. Then came in the iPod, which made music even more personal, despite the gadget being smaller in size a decade later. The growth of technology is dependent on the popularity of what is taken as fashionable.


The technological and fashion synthesis is now taking place. Fashion designers have the impression that by using technology, they would create a masterpiece. A Dutch fashion designer who merges technology with fashion says that such function ability, quality innovation, makes technology a playground where you are rewarded by possibilities that never end. Anouk Wipprecht amazingly came up with a drink-making dress, self-painting dress, and Pseudomorphs.


Christopher Burch

Mr. Christopher is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. For close to four decades, he has been actively involved in investing across a vast range of businesses. His input has seen the rise of luxury brands and multiple technologies. He formerly served as a member of the Guggenheim Capital and also The Continuum Group.

Mr. Burch’s started out early as an entrepreneur. In 1976 while still at school for his undergrads the College of Ithaca, together with his brother Bob, they invested $2,000 and started Eagle’s Eye, they grew the business to $165 million before selling it to Swire Group.


After he had sold the Eagle’s Eye, Mr. Bruch was among the earliest to invest in Internet Capital Group, a popular IPO story on the internet. He has never looked back since then.


Eric Pulier Seeks To Improve Lives Using Technology

Eric Pulier is a Harvard Graduate. He has made significant contributions to different sectors of the economy. Eric is an entrepreneur, published author, technologist, columnist, philanthropist, and public speaker. He was raised in New Jersey. Eric developed an interest in programming computers at a young age. While still in high school, Pulier created his first company that specialized in database. At the University, he focused on English and American Literature. In addition, Pulier published articles on The Harvard Crimson where he also served as an editor. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in 1991.

In his long and successful career, Pulier has accomplished great feats. He is the founder of several firms, including US Interactive, Akana, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, Desktone, and Media Platform. He is also the proprietor of the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council that amalgamated into TM Forum. In addition, Pulier has raised millions of dollars for these enterprises. Pulier has also made huge investments in several venture capital funds including, eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures.

To date, XPrize is one of his most exceptional startups. This initiative includes multiple competitions and prizes for individuals who are willing to come up with innovative ideas that will actualize their dreams. Over the years, the program has helped many people to accomplish their dreams.

Pulier has also donated huge sums of money to various community-based initiatives. He is a board member of the Painted Turtle. Paul Newman and Lou Adler own this entity. This summer camp seeks to provide children diagnosed with chronic illnesses with an opportunity to have fun and interact with other children. He also assists children that have special needs via the Starbright World. He contributes money and his tech skills to develop a secure social media platform for the children. His efforts enable children to relate with other children having similar sicknesses. In the 1990s, Pulier worked closely with President Bill Clinton to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities.

Eric Pulier was involved in designing the Bridge to the 21 Century. The multi-day event was attended different people to commemorate the 2nd inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Eric has two publications, which are The Enterprise Industrial Complex and Understanding Enterprise SOA.


Highland Capital Management Recent Financial Market Involvements and Philanthropy

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an internationally known firm that specializes in offering investment advisory and alternative credit management services. Established 24 years ago by Mark Okada and James Dondero, the company has since grown to acquire several affiliate companies, generating a net worth of not less than $15 billion in the process. The company has also opened offices in other states such as New York and foreign offices in Brazil, the Republic of Singapore, and Seoul. The firm is currently an undisputed leader in the global financial market.


2016 Market Achievements


According to the information filed by Highland Capital Management with the Securities and Exchange Commission towards the end of 2016, the company registered a total market value of $1.8 million. The company’s investments in sectors such as energy and technology recorded gains of more than 22 percent each, with others such as financials and healthcare, gaining by slightly less than 20 percent.


Nasdaq Listing


Last year was a good year for Highland Fund Advisors, a subsidiary company of HCM. The subsidiary company saw its Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF given an SNLN listing in the Nasdaq Stock Market. As a sign of honor, the company management team were invited to a celebration party at Nasdaq Marketsite along 43rd & Broadway, Times Square on 12th October 2016. During the occasion, CIO Mark Okada rang the closing bell.


Career Opportunities


Last month Highland Capital Management was seeking to hire a new Client Portfolio Manager. In a job advert that the company released last month, the new officer will be in charge of Highland portfolio management teams. His main responsibility will be to source for new investors and to build a stronger relationship between the company and the already existing investors.




In the spirit of improving its employees’ living conditions, Highland Capital Management has been investing heavily in terms of time and resources to its immediate community. Over the years, the company has built a legacy of volunteerism in community empowerment programs. For the last decade, the company has made financial donations to local and international charitable movements to the tune of $10 million.