New Wave of Thinking with Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is one of the leading men that inspire entrepreneurs to become successful, and along with that helping their community. Glen is not only a man of success, but an educated man as well. He received an undergraduate of economics and finance from Scranton, and then almost a decade later went and got his MBA from the University of Chicago. Earning all these degrees and working hard landed him a position with GE Capital, and found his place there evolving his “persevere through problem-solving”.

Glen worked with GE for more than twenty years, eventually landing him as CEO of Money Latin America. His role as CEO made him a huge success, he expanded to nine countries with thousands of employees all over the world. Not to mention making $12 billion dollars in assets, the success had it’s perks and allowed Glen to live all around the world. During this time Glen founded two company’s Nova For and LaunchPad, this gave him the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise.

Glen’s business know how is equal to his compassion, he ran a blog helping other entrepreneurs and soon to be CEO’s. It shows he wants other to be successful for those who are willing to listen to him. Glen Wakeman helped two start up company’s called Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. He is determined to help every business person not fail.

Glen’s company LaunchPad is proof of that, curiosity of why so many company’s failed early on. His idea to build a skill set to help new company’s be successful, he saw that many company’s that fail is due to not having a solid structure to them. His twenty plus years of work had taught him that behind any idea you have to back it up. Every idea has to have a solid way of making sense and being able to sell it easily. Having constant new idea flowing is never a bad thing, just make sure to question them to make sure they can stick.

Glen Wakeman’s curiosity is what built him his empire. He now is interested in seeing how machine’s could help solve problems. He thinks having machines help you go through data can help find flaws maybe ones you can see due to data overload. I’m sure his need to know will lead to great things for him in the end.


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