Lime Crime: The Makeup Brand Taking The World By Storm

Anyone who loves makeup and who has a good idea about international brands knows of the name Lime Crime. Founded by Doe Deere, the brand is known for their alternative makeup collections that can’t be found elsewhere. The reasons why the name stands out compared to other makeup brands goes on and on, starting from their product range, and ending at the kind of image that they create for themselves.

Lime Crime is a vegan brand, which means that all the products that they sell are cruelty-free and haven’t been tested on animals. Very few brands have managed to make their entire company a style statement in itself, which is something that this iconic makeup brand has managed to do. The brand has an extensive range of products, right from lipsticks to hair dyes. One of the main reasons why the brand has managed to attract such a large audience is because all of their products are always in keeping with the current fashion trends of the season, with their own twist of course. With the highlighter grabbing makeup lovers, the brand decided to release their own range called Hi-Lite, which offers a lot more colors on their highlighters than any other brand currently on the market.

One of the Lime Crime products that have been making waves all over social media in the past few months has been their Unicorn Hair dyes. With the pastel hair trend making its way all over the world, people are always on the lookout for hair dye that can give them the desired product that they want. Available in an array of pastel shades, the product has attracted numerous people all over the globe.

The brand is also known for the various bright colored cosmetics that they have under their label. When Doe Deere had decided to form the brand, it was because she could not find the kind of bright colors that she was always on the lookout for. Even today, the brand holds true to that and has some of the most vibrant and colorful ranges of cosmetics that one can find.

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