Lacey and Larkin Raise Awareness With Frontera Fund Support To Other Civil Rights Groups

The Dreamers, an advocating group of people who were undocumented and not afraid to let others know, formed the Arizona Dream Act Coalition.

The dreamers were looking for a way to raise awareness to the 2006 law which required that those who are undocumented and are students had to pay a much higher out of state tuition fee and that prohibited them from being able to receive public based scholarships.

For the dreamers, they did not want to throw their hands in the hair and storm off into the night. Instead, they went on record about their situation and how they were not afraid of what was to come.

Now the leaders of the group, the dreamers include founders who have graduated and attended upper class colleges with degrees in law and engineering. Another founder of the group is known well within the Latina community as being a leader for the Latina’s.

The main goal of the group is to push for much lower rates in tuition, for those to regain their educational rights and to advocate for the human and immigrant rights of others. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Two names that are familiar and who help to keep funding going for the dreamers is; Lacey and Larkin.

The two men are co-owners of the Phoenix New Times, an internet based newspaper that is not afraid to run stories that others are. The men covered a story that many other news outlets deemed as irrelevant or without just cause to be ran in the news. When everyone else was turning away and refusing to run a story, the men decided against it and ran the story anyways.

The story that would gain national attention was done surrounding Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. During the phrase of their lives that would prove to be the most resourceful, the men refused to give into demands surrounding the stories they ran on Joe Arpaio, a sheriff for Maricopa County Sheriffs office. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

After the men were taken to jail and booked, they later were released and were found to be falsely accused. When the men were arrested, there was a outcry from across the country that was calling for the release of the men. They were essentially released within 24 hours with all of the charges being dropped.

This however did not put a stop to their names being varnished which is one reason they were sure to bring awareness to others through the lawsuit that they ended up winning in 2012.

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