Know More about the Brazilian Real Estate Icon, Roberto Santiago

In every Brazilian corner, the name of this great entrepreneur is widely known and currently spreading globally as wildfire as a result of his tremendous achievements especially the Manaira Shopping Mall which is a jewel of Joao Pessoa. In his tender age as a youth, he started bringing out the entrepreneurial pearl in him by starting Cartonnage Company which he supplied his carton products to various companies in Pessoa city. This is after resigning from Café Santa Rosa Company. Later he purchased a large piece of land and ventured into real estate from which he has been sailing from one level to another.

Roberto Santiago’s entrepreneurial skills can be traced back to the college he attended, Pio X-Marist and later enrolled in University Center of Joao Pessoa where he pursued a Degree in Business Administration. This education formed a very strong foundation to soar high in his business pursuit. In 1987, Santiago surprised many when he developed the Manaira Mall which is a home of various shopping options, concert hall, theater, a gaming parlor, a gym, banks, colleges and of course, various restaurants which provide dishes according to your appetite, speed, and pocket. This mall has turned out to be the largest mall in Pessoa city and very convenient to every city dweller because everything is under one roof.

In 2009 Santiago added a flavor to the Mall by the name Domus Hall which is located on the roof of the mall. The hall is stocked and well equipped with modern sound systems which make it more favorable for theatrical performances and productions as well as various concerts and exhibitions. It has a capacity of hosting 10,000 people hence making it appropriate for conferences, graduation ceremonies, and weddings One more thing about Manaira Shopping Mall is its flexibility in its stocks and services; you can find even furniture, jewelry, books, clothing etc. so you don’t have to struggle with the jam in the city, the shopping mall has all that you need.

Mr. Santiago has not loosened his thread in the past 20 years in ensuring that the mall meets the needs of the market and consequently the global standard of how a shopping mall should be. Currently, Manaira Mall is a major jewel that attracts crowds including iconic musicians for shopping, performances, entertainment and even well cooked and spiced dishes. In 2013, Mr. Roberto came up with another shopping mall called Mangeira which is a replica of Manaira Shopping Mall.

The creativity, diligence, passion, and commitment of Santiago has led many corporations, enterprises, organizations, and firms relocate to Joao Pessoa which has consequently led to economic development, and job creation in the city. Thanks to Roberto for giving back to his community.


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