Jose Hawilla: Entrepreneurship

Having a great personality and being in the right environment are both needed for successful entrepreneurship. There are also attributes entrepreneurs need. These include: having motivation from family and personal ties, reacting quickly to changes, full business dedication, and having an immense sense of initiative and independence. It would be very hard for a start-up business to be prosperous if these characteristics weren’t there. Additionally, different countries can bring better entrepreneurial success than others.

The United States is the top entrepreneurial country in the World. This is according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index of 2016. Canada is the next best country, followed by Australia, and then Denmark. For the United States, tax incentives are given to small businesses. There are also numerous business loans available for start-up companies.

Small businesses will export more products and they will hire more people than large corporations. Many people may want to put family members on payroll, or need more time caring for children and/or elderly. Starting a small start-up could seem like the right choice in these instances.

But, personality is what drives any entrepreneurship move. Entrepreneurs have initiate and need independence. They work as hard as they need to in order to make their business successful. They must also have quicker reaction speeds and make the changes necessary to deal with threats and take outside opportunities. You can visit  for more.

Jose Hawilla is one of the top influential men in Brazil. He was born in the state of Sao Paulo, specifically Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Hawilla is also the proud owner of an influential newspaper network, Traffic, and Rede Globo affiliates. Traffic is one of Brazil’s top marketing company for sports. Check out for more.

Currently, Jose Hawilla is an entrepreneur and journalist. For ten years he worked as a television reporter, radio reporter, presenter, producer, commentator, and got his degree in Law. Jose Hawilla has been employed in networks such as Rede Record, TV and Radio Bandeirantes, and Rede Globo.

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