Jim Toner on Real Estate Investment Experts

There are many people (experts) who will explain to you how much you don’t know and how much they know. But should you be wise’ enough to agree with what they say, you will be RICH!!

Well, it may sound good on paper, however, not so much in the real world.

I’m good at what I do, but I don’t consider myself as an expert. I tend to believe an expert’ has nothing more to learn.

So, am I an expert in the real estate investment industry? Probably not. In the real estate world, there is CONSTANTLY something to study.

For over 25 years in the business, I’m justified to say that I have learned quite a lot. Much of it, though expensive, was very valuable.

My goal is to provide you with the lessons, so you learn from my previous mistakes. After all, I already paid the price.

The real estate industry is a lucrative venture. Unfortunately, much of it is dominated by “The Black Hats,” – the bad guys. Just like the old Western movies where the bad guys wore black hats while good guys wore white.

Most of these “Black Hats,” use their name to get other people into programs that often leave the client broke and unable to accomplish a real estate transaction.

I interviewed Andrew Waite – a publisher of the industry’s leading publication. In the interview, Andrew shares critical information to look out should you ever receive an invitation to a seminar sponsored by these “experts.”

What differentiates me from them? I do the business – period!

I’m an investor in the real estate segment.

Although I’m also an author, a speaker, as well as radio show host, I’m primarily a real estate investor. In fact, everyone on my team is an investor. And that is the difference.

My primary goal is to demonstrate that anyone, with the necessary skills and proper mindset, can succeed in the real estate investment sector.

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