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Graeme Holm has been in the financial sector for the past 17 years. He is an accredited expert in real estate, financial planning, and finance. He has experience working with large banking institutions for one decade. After working in the banking sector for some time, he got bored of dealing with the same things. He needed a change that would allow him to engage in innovative products and services. His interest was to move out of the banking sector and concentrate on assisting Australian families to make money. While he was in the banking industry, he realized that most families were getting a very poor deal from making institutions in the country. This is what gave him the drive and inspiration to start his company which is called Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd. With this company, he hopes to change the lives of each Australian family a step one after the other.


Infinity Group Australia is an organization that wants to help the people manage their finances in a better way. Graeme Holm says that the company is bringing new ideas which distinguish it from the traditional institutions. The company is helping its clients to fine-tune their weekly budget on basic household expenses such as gas, groceries, entertainment among others. With the traditional banking institutions, when a bank processes a loan, the broker withdraws leaving the borrower to manage the loan alone. For Infinity Group Australia, this not the case. When one gets a loan that is when they fully start working with the client.


According to Graeme Holm. Infinity Group allocates the client a personal banker who will ensure that the client repays the loan in the shortest time possible. The company has assisted one of their clients to save up to $96,271 in one year. The firm works with the clients enabling them to adjust their budgets by making a detailed a report of the spending. The report enables people to track if they are meeting their goals. By working with this company, clients have recorded a great change in their spending enabling them to repay their loans in the shortest time possible.


Graeme Holm says that they deal with all clients. There are no limits to who they can help. The company has helped people who would not have been able to purchase property do so because they are dealing with controlled budgets.


Infinity teaches clients that there is a difference between a want and a need. By controlling what you buy, there can be a significant change in the manner in which money is spent. The company recognizes that most of the things which we buy end in the waste bin in just a few months after purchase. This means that such things were most probably not necessary. Learn more:

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