Equities First Holdings- A Company That Keeps On Growing

Ever since it was established (2012) Equities First Holding has provided advisory services and investment services to their, amongst other things. The company grew steadily and rapidly and had quickly become one of the largest shareholder finance.

Initially named Meridian Equity Partners, the company was acquired by Equities First, and thus the Equities First Holdings was born. Since this acquisition (2014), the company expanded across the world opened offices in five different continents.

The company is partnered with major law firms and investment banks and does offer margin loan services and shareholder finance services.

Equities First Holdings is based in London, and their most notable loan is the one given to the Paysafe Group PLC CEO, Joel Leonoff. They had helped many investors, providing them with shareholder loans. They’ve also profited from these loans since the company didn’t stop growing nor expanding ever since it emerged.

According to the company’s CEO, Al Christy, the company has been successful because of their successful shareholding loans. Their loans are used not only by other companies but by individuals and governments alike. The company “lives and breathes” equities-based loaning, and is as such very good at it.

For details: uk.linkedin.com/company/equities-first-holdings-llc

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