David Giertz Has a Great Plan for Retirement

David Giertz has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years. Thus, he has gained enough experience in doing his work. His recent assignment was when he was the president of the financial and distribution organization. His contribution as the president is evident since the team made huge profits. It grew from $11B to $17B in profitable revenue. Apart from that he also successfully led the wholesale distribution of the private sector retirement plans. That shows that in the financial industry he was successful as a leader.

While preparing for the retirement, the millennial has both good and sad news. Most of the millennials are preparing for the retirement at an early age of 22.It is good since they are ready for the retirement early. Thus by the time they are retiring, they would have already saved a lot of money. However, the negative side of it is that most people lack information on how to use the funds well after retirement. That is why David Giertz has come up with some ways of how an individual can benefit from the money set aside for retirement. The following are some of the methods he suggested.

  1. It is always good for a person to evaluate his or her financial health

It is essential because it ensures that a person is saving enough as well as catering for other things like paying the debt.

  1. It is also vital for an individual to take advantage of the compound interest. With the compound interest, one can keep saving more money by the time they get to retirement. One is likely to add more and more compound interest as they keep adding money throughout their life. By the time one is coming to the pension, he or she will be surprised by the amount of money saved.
  2. One needs to have a side gig

The side gig should be one of your hobbies that benefit you financially. According to David, an individual is supposed to think of want he likes to do and how that hobby can translate to financial stability. It is a reliable method of ensuring that you overcome any financial stability that you might be facing.

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