Alex Pall Talks Artistry in Chainsmokers Interview

The Chainsmokers have been a mainstream EDM duo since the successful release of their first hit single, “#Selfie”. “#Selfie” came out in 2014, forming the breakthrough that would finally get Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart noticed. Since then it has been all roses, as the duo has churned out hit after hit. They have worked with a slew of talented artists, and are regulars on Billboard’s Top 100 lists. They also push boundaries, stand apart from the rest of the EDM world. In their 2016 release “Closer” Andrew Taggart took the lead vocals mike. This is something DJ’s within the spectrum of EDM do not do. They do not provide their own vocals, they have actual vocalist for that. This is but one example of the duos desire to become artists. Alex Pall explained it all in a recent interview.

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Pall told the Interview Magazine that it is a constant journey of self-discovery. He and Taggart push themselves to improve as Artists, a trick both men state is difficult inside the EDM genre. EDM is rife with remixes, and sometimes you will find twenty to thirty versions of the same song. The difficulty lies in stepping out and making music that does not sound like what is currently popular. “In order to stay interesting and engaged you have to try new things” Pall stated.

The duo is definitely doing that. Andrew Taggart’s lead vocals are not the only revolutionary thing within the Chainsmoker’s repertoire. They are also involved with their songwriting. This is another area that EDM DJs seldom go. In his interview Pall described it as a desire to relate to their listeners on a deeper level. By becoming part of the songwriting process the duo makes their music personalized. The connection between artists and listener strengthens. In fact, the latest songs produced by the duo focus more and more on their real lives. Pall was asked about the uniqueness of their songwriting and Taggart’s lead singing, the recording artist had a simple answer. “Why Not?”