Julie Zuckerberg: The Deutsche Bank Recruiting Executive

Julie Zuckerberg is the person behind the staff and lead employees who work for the German originated Deutsche Bank. She recruits for the bank and that is exactly what she has been doing most of her career.

In the world of finance, there is always the need to have someone who can spot and attract talent when you want to get staff for your firm, bank or corporation. Julie is one of the people who gets the best staff and her position as one of the executives in this bank has given her the opportunity to advance and show off her exemplary skills.

Finance business needs one to be on their roles all the times, to gain an edge over the competition and the best way to do that is getting the best people to work for you. On that note, Julie is doing a good job in her current position.

The Background of Julie Zuckerberg

Her first job was at Hudson where she started working in 2002 and left in 2007. While she was working there, her job was to be the candidate headhunter and placement manager for attorneys and also the paralegals. She also worked for case managers and staff for law firms.

Her next job was at Citi where she worked as the vice-president and her most accomplished skill as a recruiter. She worked there for a while until the year 2013.

While she was there, she was tasked with staffing, a job that she did satisfactorily until her departure.

Her next job was at The New York Life Insurance Company.

Alma Mater

She attended the following schools for her credentials:

  • City University of New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School.
  • She studied Philosophy at City University of New York Brooklyn College.
  • Her last time was studying law at the New York Law School.

The Julie Zuckerberg Pack

Julie has an instinct that has over the years enabled her to do her job as a recruiter quite well. She has set an example for other to follow. She has qualities that make her very good at what she does.

She has these skills that enable her to be at the top always.

  • She is pioneer and a leader
  • As an interviewer, she is nothing short of shrewdly intuitive
  • Planning, operations and company strategy is right up her alley
  • She can plan takeovers for different companies merging or new administration moving in
  • She has a way of training recruits that brings out the best in them
  • When it comes to conflict resolution and association among the employees, she runs a smooth machine with well-oiled cogs.

Julie’s Free Time Interests

Apart from being an enthusiastic recruiter who loves her job, she also loves running, photography, welfare and rights issues, technology news and advancements. She lives to fight for civil rights, human rights and she also loves scientific achievements

She lives in New York Manhattan.

Helane Morrison: A Compliance Officer Who Stands For Business Ethics

Helane Morrison is a great career woman, who believes in doing business in an ethical way and has spent her career campaigning against fraudulent business practices and corruption. She graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago with a B.S Degree in Journalism and then she went for her Juris Doctor at the Berkeley School of Law, University of California. While there she also worked for the California Law Review as the editor-in-chief.
Currently working at Hall Capital Partners since 2007, Morrison previously worked as a law clerk for Hon. Richard Posen from 1984 to 1985. She later worked for Supreme Court judge, Harry Blackmun from 1985 to 1986 and it is while working there that she developed her interest in private practice. Later in 1986 she joined Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin law firm where she was elevated to being a partner in 1991, after just five years working there. She mainly concentrated on defense of private securities actions, matters dealing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and business litigation. She left in 1996 and joined the San Francisco office of Securities and Exchange Commission from 1996 to 1999. She was responsible for fraud litigation and regulation issues as well as enforcement of securities law in Northern California. Morrison also represented the Securities and Exchange Commission in other government agencies and the media.

Hall Capital is a successful investment company and she joined the company due to the diverse culture in its leadership and also she took it as an opportunity to restore the public’s confidence in the financial markets.With her driving force being the fight against corruption, Morrison has been fighting against deceptive corporate crimes and she believes that business should be run based on moral principles and ethics. She has worked for 30 years, going against companies and people who seek to take advantage of people due to economic circumstances.

While working for the Securities and Exchange Commission, she called for investigations against executives of top companies as well as helping to uncover the illicit sale of fraudulent securities to military personnel and exposing the illegal destruction of audit papers by auditors amongst others and this shows her commitment in fighting corruption and unethical business practices. She is a member of the board of the Regional Parks foundation, member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association and from 2001 to 2004 she served as a director of the Bar Association of San Francisco.