Dr. Saad Saad’s Medical Journey

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon based out of New Jersey. In 2002 Dr. Saad was contacted by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). The PCRF needed a surgeon to operate on a 15 year old boy who had been shot. The boy had bullet holes in his stomach, and great internal injuries. Doctors in Israel were able to save the boy’s life, but were unable to perform the much more complicated operations in Israel.


This is where Dr. Saad comes in. The boy was flown to the United States in 2003 to have the dire surgery performed by Dr. Saad. It took seven long hours but Dr. Saad was successful, and the boy was recovering well. After this amazing operation Dr. Saad was contacted once more by the PCRF. The organization was impressed, and they knew that the doctor could be of great help to them. He was asked to travel to Palestine and perform surgery locally. Dr. Saad agreed to their request; his first flight to Palestine occurred in 2008. Since that first trip, Dr. Saad returned to Palestine seven more times.One reason he stated for going was that he simply wanted to help people that were less fortunate. The doctor also desired to pass along some knowledge to the area that he was serving. Saad’s third reason for the travels were to help Palestine’s economy. He performed theses surgeries for free which was unheard of to most Palestinians. Dr. Saad Saad went on to win two awards for his compassionate acts towards others. One award was PCRF’s Humanitarian Award. Additionally, the doctor was presented an award for his humanitarian acts from the Governor of Ramallah. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12


Dr. Saad has been practicing for over 30 years. He graduated from Cairo U Med Hosp in 1971 and specializes in pediatric and thoracic surgery. Dr. Saad has also completed the American Academy Of Pediatrics, and the American College Of Surgeons. At his Eatontown, New Jersey office, Dr. Saad performs a wide variety of surgeries. These range from abdominal surgery to circumcision. He is a highly rated doctor, and has no reports of malpractice throughout his entire career.

Talos Energy: Drilling for Oil

The energy sector of Mexico has just opened their doors once again for foreign corporations to do business in their country. Just recently, a new oil well was installed in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The construction of this new oil well and the exploration of the area was a joint venture between three giant oil companies – Premier Oil PLC which is based in London, United Kingdom; Talos Energy LLC, which is based in Houston, Texas; and Sierra Oil & Gas, which is based in Mexico. The energy sector of Mexico has closed its doors to foreign competitors 80 years ago, but all of it will start to change. A recent study conducted in the waters off the Gulf of Mexico has shown that there might be between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil hidden within its deep waters. The oil well is located near the city of Tabasco, and the drilling can last up to 90 days.


Talos Energy LLC is a Texas based, independent oil research and exploration company that has been operating in the Gulf of Mexico for several years now. The company holds 35% of the participation interest, and by using their state-of-the-art technology, they have been successful in locating oil reserves and drilling them. The team has set up in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year, and in July 12, 2017, Talos Energy LLC successfully located the oil in one of the largest discoveries ever documented. The exploration resulted into a successful discovery of about 1.4 billion to 2.0 billion barrels of crude oil, which is far greater than what was previously thought of. The three oil companies will soon start drilling the oil from the Gulf of Mexico, and they could not hide their gratitude towards the contribution of one another.


Talos Energy LLC is delighted that their technology once again proved that it has a high rate of success when searching for oil. They will be setting up the drilling well weeks after their discovery, and Talos Energy LLC will be contracting another company to search for oil.

Cassio Audi and the Vipers Band

Does it sound unusual having the name Cassio Audi and Vipers Band together in the same sentence? You shouldn’t be astounded. Audio started off as a musician in the 1980s. Together with a group of other four local teenagers, Audi formed a heavy metal band known as Vipers. The five teenagers’ choice of music genre was heavily influenced by a British band, “Iron Maiden.” The Vipers began by performing in local shows before going ahead to produce some demo songs.

Audi played a key role in composing songs, and they were able to produce their first album, the Killer Sword. The album was regarded as a demo album and performed quite well in the local music scene. The group now had the responsibility of quenching the thirst of their new found fan base. The band later released a refined album which immediately propelled them into the limelight. The album still went the title Killer Sword, a title that became synonymous with the band.
Although he was a composer, Audi’s was the band’s drummer. As the group continued to grow, he became a more skilled drummer earning respect from fans and the metal music fraternity. He was also actively involved in the marketing of the Vipers across various parts of the continent and abroad.
By 1989, when Audi left the Vipers, they had three albums with the addition of Soldiers of Sunrise and Theatre of Fate. Additional records were matched by an increasingly growing fan base. They were now performing in shows beyond the borders further earning international popularity. They also won admiration from producers from abroad for their remarkable talent. The early members including Cassio Audi seem to have built a solid base for the band’s existence. It is probably a trait he has utilized in his journey as a successful investment specialist.

Honey Birdette and its success

Honey Birdette which is a lingerie brand based in Australia has launched its e-commerce site in the United States. The dedicated lingerie brand has also revealed its plans to expand its retail portfolio in the UK from by the close of 2018 from the current 3 stores to 40. Honey Birdette was established in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan who is an entrepreneur. The brand launched the United States site after it experienced an increase in the US online sales of 374% over the last 12 months. The main aim of the new platform is to improve the experience of the consumers.
According to Eloise Monaghan, the new US e-commerce site is targeting the retail openings in the US and that the lingerie brand has plans to increase its store count in the UK. The First store by Honey Birdette outside of Australia was opened in London’s Convent Garden. The Lingerie brand went on to open two more stores in the Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. Honey Birdette will open 10 more stores in the UK at Newcastle, Westfield, Liverpool, Leeds and Stratford. In Australia where it has headquarters, Honey Birdette has opened 55 stores and also plans to venture into the European market.
Honey Birdette is backed by BBRC which is a private investment company. The cost of the premium label is $60 for the bras and $35 for the briefs. Honey Birdette started in 2006 after two fiends got tired of not finding provocative lingerie and also luxury bedroom accessories. The lingerie brand deals with lingerie as well as bedroom’s high-end toys. The boutiques of Honey Birdette are playful, flirty and sensual. The décor is lush and the guests are normally served with champagne. The lingerie brand’s range of accessories is aimed to create a boudoir experience for the customer.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

NantHealth and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Establish a Collaborative Alliance

In February, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America announced a collaborative alliance with NantHealth called Clinical Pathways. This unifying program will help erase trial and error research, by providing oncology professionals with up to date information and awareness of all progressive advances in cancer research.


This will help physicians and patients work together to coordinate safe and effective treatment options. Clinical pathways is focused on the patient aspect of cancer treatment as much as it is about connecting cancer researchers. It will seamlessly assimilate essential records automatically into the doctor’s electronic health record (EHR).


Cancer patients will now be able to rely on their physician’s decisions to implement treatment programs unique to their situation. It is a welcome change from the restrictive and impersonal one-size fits all approach. With cancer research evolving on a daily basis, it has become essential to arm oncologists with current information. Through the Clinical Pathways program they will have access to clinically supported data, response statistics and problems encountered with particular treatment drugs.


This news reinforces the Cancer Treatment Centers of America theory that no two patients are alike and no two cancers are alike. Since the first Cancer Treatment Center was opened in 1988, they have consistently endeavored to personalize every treatment plan.


They have been at the forefront of cancer research throughout their history, as the focus exclusively on nothing but cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America have evolved as cancer research and treatment have evolved. This new patient-focused program is another step towards beating cancer.
The battle against cancer is ongoing and a fight that affects the lives of thousands. Clinical Pathways is a coordinated effort to prioritize the patient’s needs and provide a more efficient method of treatment. It acknowledges that no two situations are alike and allows for individuality and consistency in the treatment of cancer.

Fighting Civil and Economic Injustices with Avaaz

In this era of digital technology, the society is struggling to breach in the gap between the societies we have today and the one we desire for the future. Characterized by increasingly rising cases of corruption, conflict, climate issues, and human injustices, a lot of organization are fighting hard to change the outlook of things. One organization that is determined to achieve it all is Avaaz.

Avaaz in most Middle Eastern, European, and Asian languages is a name meaning “voice.” Derived from this name, Avaaz is a Civil US-based organization founded in 2007 with the sole objective of fighting for the social, civil, and economic rights of the marginalized groups in the society. Thanks to the advancement of technology, Avaaz has capitalized on the use of technology and the internet, in particular, to empower people and help in crucial decision-making processes.

Currently, the Avaaz has a global population of about 44 million members and a presence in 194 countries and six continents. Avaaz activism model is simple. Through their website that is accessible in 17 different languages, people from all over the world can gather and raise the issues that are affecting them and the society around them. With this list of problems, the organization is able to organize online petitions and sometimes carry out peaceful demonstration thus putting pressure on the elected leaders, making them take the necessary actions.

Both regionally, Avaaz has helped carry out successful activism that has contributed to making the world a better place. For instance the Paris Climate Accord. Arguably, this is one of the biggest achievements of the group. Through online sensitization, Avaaz was able to get people to do a peaceful match hence giving the world’s leaders the political will to end the war against fossil fuel.

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Highland Capital Management And Its Charitable Causes

Highland Capital Management, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a financial firm that offers investment advice to its clients. In addition to its Dallas location, Highland Capital Management has affiliates located in São Paulo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore. The company is SEC-registered and, along with its affiliates, has about $15.4 billion in assets under management. The company specializes in alternative investments that are outside of the traditional stocks and bonds investments. The company’s clients include high-net-worth individuals, public pension plans, funds of funds, financial institution, governments, endowments, and foundations.

Highland Capital Management is committed to giving back to the communities in which its employees live. The company supports both national nonprofit organizations and local community charities. The ways in which it supports charities including volunteerism, financial donations, and members of the company sitting on the advisory boards of a number of not-for-profits. Highland Capital Management is particularly focused on veteran’s issues, healthcare, and education.

In 2014 the company issued $1,000,000 challenge grant for Dallas charity Snowball Express. The company matched money donated to this cause dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $1,000,000. Snowball Express helps children who have lost a parent serving in the military. The charity helps children throughout the United States with resources and support. Due to the match Snowball Express was given a total of $1.7 million in donations.

Another recent charity the company helped with is the Southern Methodist University (SMU) where Highland Capital Management used $2,000,000 to create the Endowed Tower Scholars Program. This program will provide gifted students the opportunity to experience public policy making at SMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies.

As Highland Capital Management now gives away over $3 million a year they partnered with the Dallas Foundation in order to manage their charitable givings in an organized fashion. The partnership, Highland Dallas Foundation, is managed by Linda Owen who has extensive experience in the nonprofit industry.

Sujit Choudhry’s Research Helps Countries To Build Constitutions

The study of variances and similarities between legal systems in different countries is called comparative law. This study can include many different legal systems like Canon law, religious-based laws, civil law, socialist law, and common law. Comparative law includes analyzing and describing legal systems even if there is no obvious comparison. This study of legal systems has become more and more important with the emergence of economic globalization, internationalism, and democratization.



Comparative law involves studying different legal systems and their constitutive elements. It also includes analyzing how these elements different and how they are combined into the legal system in question. With the importance of comparative law growing, many disciplines have developed into separate branches within the study. These individual branches include comparative administrative law, comparative criminal law, comparative commercial law, comparative civil law, and comparative constitutional law.



Comparative law can be used to help contribute to unifying legal systems, to help perfect the legal systems in question, and to gather a deeper understanding of these legal systems. Comparative law can also be used in combination with other fields like sociology, law, and economics to help determine how laws affect economies within the legal system or how varying legal systems affect the culture and people within the society.



Sujit Choudhry is a Professor of Law at Berkeley University. He is an international leader in the field of comparative constitutional law. His experience and expertise has been sought after in many constitution building processes all over the globes, in places like South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Nepal, Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Libya.



His extensive research has addressed many issues within the study of comparative constitutional law. This research addresses issues like federalism, language policy, bills of rights, constitutional design, minority and group rights, democratic politics, secession and decentralization, and security sector oversight.  Click this http://officialsujitchoudhry.com/home/



He has written in depth on Canadian constitutional law and has had more than 90 articles published by prestigious organizations like Oxford and Cambridge. He is an active and contributing member of many organizations like the Constitutional Court Review, the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, and the International Society of Public Law.

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In addition to his many contributions in varying organizations, Sujit Choudhry is also the founder of an organization that creates and spreads knowledge that supports constitution building processes. The Center for Constitutional Transitions partners with organizations, universities, and experts from all over the world to create evidence-based policy options for different organizations and systems.  Based on www.works.bepress.com.