A Comprehensive Analysis of Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre International is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that offers courses about kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar. It does this through online as well as city and regional based study groups around the world. It uses many ways of helping students to learn the key kabbalistic principles through creating classes, courses, online lectures, audio products, books and classes.


The Kabbalah Centre traces its origins from Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Before his death, Yehuda served as the dean of Israel-based YeshivahKol Yehuda, which is a precursor of the Kabbalah Centres in the United States. Several years after the death of Rav Yehuda, Philip Berg and his wife, Karen, re-established the Kabbalah Centre in New York City. The Los Angeles- based Kabbalah Center was established in 1984. Currently, the Centres are present around the world in various cities such as Toronto and London. This is to add to its widespread online presence. Since the death of Rav Berg, Michael and Karen serve as spiritual teachers and directors of the organization.

Teachings of the Kabbalah Centre

According to its teachings, all broadly held religious or spiritual belief systems are simply specific sections of universal wisdom. For this reason, the Kabbalah Centre presents itself as a supplement to religion as opposed to an alternative. Biblical passages are understood as unseen universal laws and codes to life, which the kabbalistic writings and Zohar try to unravel.

Over the years, the Kabbalah Centre has gained massive popularity around the world. This case scenario has been catalyzed by the increased celebrity membership of individuals like Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Mick Jagger, Donna Karan and many others.

Charitable Causes

The Kabbalah Centre is also involved in philanthropic initiatives, in particular through the Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes (KCCC). In this case, it provides physical and spiritual support to people in need. It provides financial relief to those affected by gender inequality, extreme poverty as well as manmade and natural disasters. KCCC has played a vital role in many disaster relief initiatives such as the 2004 Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina disaster. In such initiatives, KCCC works in close collaboration with other charitable organizations like Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.