OneLogin Highlights From 2017

OneLogin had a busy 2017. One of the highlights was getting a new CEO. Brad Brooks became the CEO, and he has over 20 years of experience working in the tech industry.

Also in 2017, OneLogin landed on Fortune Magazine’s best small places to work in the Bay Area. Other publications and websites have recognized the company in the past, but this was the fourth award they had won in the last two years.

Customer satisfaction was impressive. In 2017, the company released over a dozen of new customer stories. Their customers were from various industries, including the financial, manufacturing, technology and education.

As for product, OneLogin unveiled next-level MFA, short for multi-factor authentication. This came in the form of what is known as Adaptive Authentication, which was trending for a good portion of 2017. Adaptive Authentication reviews login details via machine learning, and these details include login time, browser and network reputation to determine if a login attempt is.

Another major highlight was Airbus joining the forces with the company. Airbus became one of the many customers of OneLogin. At the time, OneLogin said it was thrilled that Airbus and companies like it choose them to provide them with identity and access management products/services.

At the end of 2017, OneLogin used machine learning to upgrade its portal. This was to make access to the app much faster. In the user’s app portal, the apps they used the most will appear first.

A Little About OneLogin

The company provides identity and access management services and products. Businesses and other organizations are the type of customers the company focuses on getting. As of now, over 50 SaaS vendors rely on the company’s services to make their apps securer. Hundreds of app vendors also use the company’s services.

OneLogin was founded in 2009 and it’s founders are Christian Pedersen and Thomas Pedersen. The headquarters is based in San Francisco, California.