Rocketship Education: A Network of Charter Schools Providing Quality Education

Rocketship is composed of five charter schools. It is aimed at providing quality education with an objective of reducing the gap in achievement among the members of the society. Rocketship is developing gradually due to the great integration among students’ parents and most importantly the teachers and also not forgetting the community at large. All this is to achieve a common goal of making a change in the future towards the positive direction.

The core characteristics of Rocketship include the great belief in the deliverance of quality services and incorporating transparency and other work ethics such as honesty and humility. Through the adoption of diverse and a wide variety of approaches in their education the schools bring out the best in the students. Rocketeers also value the importance of community and in the building of togetherness which starts from the classrooms and is extended outside and thus attaining great cohesion and unity in the society, one of the major factor that promotes peace.

The schools also teach great resilience and hard work with a focus on its students and helping them to achieve their goals and also aiding them to take brave and courageous steps in overcoming the challenges that may come in their way. The education provided also emphasizes on innovation and creative thinking among the students thus helping them to believe in themselves and hence giving them a driving force of making what is impossible to be possible through taking great risks which later pay off. All this is in the chase for academic excellence which subsequently influences success.

Rocketship is unique from other network or group of schools as they do more than just providing education to their students but also equipping them with vital skills to use in their lifetime. The kind of skills which are very important in today’s world and also vital n harnessing the opportunities in the future. Rocketship has been a good place for students. This is shown by the fact that many students return every year for continuity of school despite the fact that the students usually have reserved seats in their previous district schools. However, many of them chose to return to Rocketship.