End Citizens United: The Organization Working To Change The Government Workings In America

America today is run by capitalists who want to make the most use of the people for their gains and for the organizations that they run. Instead of only sticking to business, company owners are now turning to politics as a way to help their businesses and provide it with the tools that they would need to ensure that things run in their favor. This has taken away the government working to help people to them just doing the same thing for big corporates. This would not have been able to happen as openly as it does now if it were not for the 2010 Supreme Court Ruling of ‘Citizen’s United.’ The ruling made it so that large businesses and corporates could now donate to political parties and campaigns without them having their motives questioned, and without having to account for the money that they are giving. This has naturally led to an increase in a lot of corruption in the government and among political parties. For starters, company owners are investing into political parties in exchange for a seat at the table. This is the manner in which a lot of the people currently in the government have got their positions, in spite of them not being qualified to do so. Political parties that are in power are trying to get laws passed which only benefit the organizations donating to them and not the actual people. The idea of democracy is slowly fading away into oblivion, while the country is transitioning into something that strays far away from that ideology.

End Citizens United was an organization that was designed to combat this ideology and to makes way for a system that benefits the country. The organization was founded by a group of like minded individuals who believe in the power of democracy and who believe that their efforts can help give the power back to the people of the country. End Citizen’s United was founded by David Bossie and Floyd Brown and today has numerous people all over the country coming forward in support of it.

Within the first three months of the organization coming into power, End Citizen’s United collected over four million dollars to help it in its efforts to bring about change to the system. Because the organization resonates with the needs and wants of the people, the organization has been receiving an incredible response. People all over the country feel like they do not have a say in matters of the government because they do not have a lot of power or influence over political parties. By uniting all those that feel that way, the organization brings them together to fight against the government so that the country can once again be governed by those who have the best interests of the people in mind.

Visit endcitizensunited.org for more information about the group.

The War on Big Money Funding for Politics in US By End Citizen United Gathers Force

There are many organizations and nonprofits in the US waging war with the political establishment to bring back sanity in political campaign funding. One of the prominent Political Action Committees spearheading the struggle is known as End Citizen United. In the recent past, the activities of the PAC have been scrutinized due to claims it was making billions of dollars, and yet it is against political donations that run into millions. The people at the grassroots who support the initiatives of End United number millions, and it is out of their meager but generous contributions that the PAC is raising the huge sums.



In a move that has surprised many political pundits; the End Citizen United has embarked on a drive to support as many Democrats as possible so that pro-reform legislations can receive adequate support. The presence if dirty and dark money whose origin is questionable is raising concerns among the voters who believe that the syndicate of billionaire networks is out to take the political system hostage to its evil schemes .



The PAC hopes to gain the support of pro-reform lobbyists and Democrats in their fight to erect structures that will hinder the operations of the wealthy political shenanigans. The syndicates must be deterred from taking control of elections at all costs. The focus of the organization is to cause disruptions to the funding methods the wealthy employ to buy elections. On the other hand, there are claims that the groupings of the rich political lobbyists are a threat to the presence of Democrats in participating in major political decisions. End Citizen United, therefore, wishes to see many Democratic Senators and Congressmen elected.



The methods they intend to use are many and varied, but now they are focusing on making the issue of big money spending a matter of national concern and debate. Public discussions about how to end big spending in American politics is integral to their overall strategies. For that reason, the PAC is aiming to get many reform-minded legislators elected into both Houses of Parliament. One of their preferred candidates is Montana’s Democratic candidate , Jon Tester who is expected to defend his position. Another candidate is Ohio’s, Senator Sherrod Brown. The organization is convinced that the two leaders and other Democratic champions can make the fight against unlimited political campaign spending efficient.



About its membership, the group maintains that its recruitment process is transparent and open. Anybody who visits their website can view all the pertinent information related to their activities. All the candidates who will be endorsed by the group just need to complete a questionnaire to be considered as defenders of Democratic seats. The perception that the PAC is making more money than it is legally entitled to make is not right because of the popular support End Citizen United has at the grassroots It was founded in 2015 March, and most of the contributors supporting the group’s activities are ordinary citizens. Presently, the organization is advocating for the formation of a larger movement that will bring onboard all Democrats and liberals who wish to change the political landscape in the US.



End Citizen United complies with all the national and federal legal stipulations for the operations of such committees. All the filing requirements and other submissions required by the law are promptly complied with as dictated by the constitution.