Alexandre Gama To Win Another Golden Lion at Cannes

Alexandre Gama’s recent cultural production from 2015, Mix Brasil Festival for Cultural and Sexual Diversity, had won another Golden Lion at the Cannes Festival. This piece had depicted the normality and acceptance of homosexuality and transgender individuals in modern Brazil. The video was just 43 seconds long but filled to the brim with cultural messages. It was submitted under the NEOGAMA BBH company.

This is not the only award that Alexandre Gama had won. The Cannes Festival has been inviting him nearly every year and he had already accrued 23 Golden Lions. Since he is a master class producer, he is also invited as a guest judge on occasion.

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His previous project from 2013, the Rock Giant, was another international favorite of his. It was produced as a commercial for Johnnie Walker and featured a giant rock golem ring above the city of Rio de Janeiro. This spot was used not only in Brazil but also in select locations around the globe.

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