Jason Hope: Anti-Aging and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a well-regarded entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, yet, not in the most traditional sense. He possesses a sincere desire to see humankind advance in ways unimaginable before the second decade of the 21st century. As we draw ever closer towards it’s close, what awaits on in the year 2020 and beyond? Hope offers some critical thoughts and actionable ambitions in the way of indicating the answer.

After graduating from Arizona State University, where Jason Hope studied finance and Business Administration, he didn’t go off to start an enterprise but instead made investments in organizations and people he found to possess the right kind of passion. Of which, tended to align well with his own interests and ambitions.

The first of note was in 2010 when he invested $500,000 into the SENS Research Foundation who seeks to develop a cure of sorts for aging, which can far and wide be considered a disease worth combatting. With his first donations after the organization was formed in 2009, he enabled them to build out a European facility to allow more breakthrough research.

More specifically, their research concerns delving deeper into diseases like lung diseases, heart diseases, and cancer. By doing so, working towards cures based on their findings to develop an a-la-carte cure for aging. As it is seen, aging is the result of the body breaking down due to many of the molecular byproducts usually brought on by aging and many diseases like those mentioned.

Then there is Jason Hope’s interest in the Internet of Things, where he openly speaks on their growth, advantages and even some of their flaws regarding security. For one, they will further connect our world in ways like never before. Vending machines will be able to communicate stock levels to vendors in real-time, airports will be able to communicate flight delays directly to our smartphones and smartwatches.

The idea that internet of things will connect us to our physical world like the internet connected to information is unfathomable, but it is a reality we face already today.

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Jason Hope’s Role in Pioneering Anti-aging Research

Recently, SENS Research Foundation concluded its Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference where they discussed the Emerging Regenerative Medical Solutions for aging-related diseases. The foundation holds this conference annually. In his opening statements, Mr. Aubrey de Grey, the co-founder of SENS Foundation, emphasized on the general objective of the summit and the role of SENS in the industry. The conference and foundation goal is to create a transformation biotechnology section that would expedite drugs development using the broad-based affiliation of damage repair competence.

The event provided a platform for the key players and professionals to share ideas on different topics such as enhancing Regenerative therapies in Parkinson disease and cancer. They also deliberated on the molecular and cellular as the primary cause of age-related diseases. These subjects are the primary focus of operations of SENS Foundation which is a non-profit establishment. The organization gets funding from prominent philanthropists, scientists, researchers and private people. One of the key supporters of the entity is Jason Hope. For many years, this visionary leader has contributed a substantial amount of cash to the firm.

In 2010, Jason donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. This contribution facilitated the organization to put up and also equip its laboratory in Cambridge and to implement a new research plan as well. Not long ago, Jason Hope clarified why he is always involved in supporting SENS Foundation goals and its operations. According to him, organizations like SENS are utilizing an unprecedented approach to anti-aging.

The primary focus of SENS foundation is to locate a solution for diseases that break down the human body leading to people aging earlier than they should. Lung and heart diseases strain all your body functions. Traditional medication focuses mainly on treating these illnesses once they occur. However, Jason notes that organizations like SENS Foundation are concentrating on stopping the occurrence of the ailment.

Jason Hope is an active philanthropist, futurist and a successful businessman based in Arizona. Hope has a massive interest in anti-aging research, technology as well as giving back to the society. Jason graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also earned his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. He began his business after getting motivation from the advantages of mobile communication technology. Hope runs his mobile communications firm and focuses mainly on investing in biotechnology, philanthropy, and startups. He also creates grant programs for businesspeople and mentors high school learners within his home area.

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Jason Hope: Succeeding investing in the future of technology

Jason Hope is often described as a futurist. Jason Hope has a rich understanding of technology and uses that knowledge to make a prediction on future of technology. Jason Hope has a strong belief that the power of the internet will play an important part in the future of our society as millions of devices continue to become connected devices. Hope’s technological insight strongly supports businesses and individuals who want to capitalize on the technology in the future. Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona where he received a finance degree from Arizona State University and later earned an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope best known for his grant program. Jason Hope’s grant program awards $500 to young students and entrepreneurs. Most of them have renown ideas which is encouraging to Jason Hope. Jason Hope receives business ideas through his website, where he then picks the most interesting ideas that he sees. The future of tech industry can only grow with great ideas from the young entrepreneurs.

Jason Hope has a standard day. He starts every day with a nutritious breakfast and some form of physical activity. He has a early morning routine that includes checking his emails, messages and Jason’s social media accounts. He often takes breaks from his computer to keep his composure. Jason Hope has said that entrepreneurs should not obsess over small details and instead look at the greater picture. Jason Hope has said that entrepreneurs should focus on project at a time, in order not to ignore their main project.

Jason Hope says entrepreneurs can grow their business by keeping in contact with past referrals and contacts they meet through networking. Network is also a must for people to get their company off the ground. Jason Hope says he does not focus on his failures because they are always expected in his field but can always learn from the mistakes. Jason Hope also suggests people build up their internet marketing and SEO related skills. These skills can help launch your own business. Jason Hope continues to be successful in the industry.

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