How to Fix Brazil?

Lately, two leaders sat down to discuss how to best fix Brazil’s current water crisis. Rapidly lost water must come to a halt right away if the country’s to press forward. Otherwise, it may find itself in a wastewater management issue similar to the U.S.’s and Greece’s current debt issues. It could be far worse.


Felipe Montoro Jens asked Carlos Edison many questions about how exactly the country’s government plans to impose sanctions and to fix the current water crisis while rebutting with numerous other questions and similar answers of his own. Both leaders found that this problem must be faced without hesitation, and it all starts with the people and with their government. The government must decide what is best for the people, and the people must vote on the government that they think is best for each correct situation: Public power usage, in combination with private and public sectors, was also highly discussed as these themes will only lead to improvements or a decline in the current situation.


Both leaders hoped for the latter. Philip Montoro Jens has interviewed many top leaders in his day. No interview has been quite like this one: This was a special moment for him.


As an expert and a lover of sanitation and sanctions, he got to express some of his best thoughts. He got to ask some of his best questions. In addition, he received answers that he was not expecting.


His input is always appreciated by Brazil’s media. Jens has been to the watering hole and back. In fact, has gone several times; he studied basic sanitation and concessions. He is Brazil’s government. He certainly knows how to combine all information learned from a relative perspective and how to retrieve answers out of people who seem to be hiding them.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens : Opinion on the Benefit of Partnership between Private and Public Organization to the Current Situation in Brazil

According to Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens, concessions can benefit the services of basic sanitation. Also, concessions that are generated from various programs such as BNDES program are still subjected to debate. However, the water sector of Brazilian Nation accepts initiative. The government of Brazil announced that it would be making concessions through a proper partnership with BNDES. Perhaps, the partnership is an important initiative that will bring improvements on how services are provided. This will be in terms of resource areas and administration structure.

According to Mr. Edison Carlos who is the President of Trata Brasil, 90% of the basic sanitation in Brazil is managed by public power. Seventy percent of the public power is provided by state organizations. Mr. Edison understands that the presence of private inventiveness should not be one of the reasons for excluding public power. Edison comprehends that the two management teams, which are public and private organizations can work in a complementary manner to produce better results than before. Furthermore, government agencies have greater experience that can be used as leverage when forming a partnership between public and private organizations.

Additionally, private organizations have resources that make them important partners when it comes to issues regarding the prevention of water wastage. These organizations have advanced technology, which will be useful in solving the current situation in Brazil. Brazil requires a good investment in the sewage networks. In that case, the current situation in Brazil does not require the structure of administration that an organization has but the required technology to solve the problem.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr. Montoro Jens is one of the Principal Executives at His company Investimentos SA. He is also an Executive Officer of many organizations such as AC Energia SA, Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA, and Principal at H2olmos. Mr. Felipe Montoro also worked as a board member of the Board of Directors of San Antonio Energia SA, His company Agroindustrial SA, and Foz do Brasil SA. Also, Mr. Jens worked as the head of finance at His company SA.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens attended Getulio Vargas Foundation, from where he earned his Bachelor Degree. He also attended TSGM (Thunderbird School of Global Management), from where he received his degree in finance.