Rocketship Education Brings New Dynamics To Education

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools that operate in low-income neighborhoods where excellent schools are absent. It combines the efforts of parents, teachers and students in a partnership that is pointed toward a quality educational experience for the students.

The Rocketship model works differently than a traditional school where students are piled into one room. In the traditional model some students get ahead, fall behind or stay somewhere in the middle. Much is lost in the mix and the system seems to be more for the convenience of the institution in scheduling and common use of resources.

The Rocketship model utilizes excellent teachers, individualized instruction and the empowerment of parents and students. A combination called blended learning utilizes some traditional classroom teaching, technology with the student utilization of devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, and specialized tutoring.

Students learn at different levels in different ways depending on their personalities and perception of things. Most all of them are somewhat familiar with digital devices and how they work, and it seems to be more fun to learn that way. This method of learning works well with skills in math, science and rote learning skills.

Parents are encouraged to participate too. They are encouraged to become leaders both at home and at the school. Parents can participate according to their schedules and can help students with their homework and at school with various tasks that help the staff members.

The model of the three pillars is the bedrock of the system where there are excellent teachers and leaders, learning that is personalized to the student and parents who are fully engaged. It takes a team effort to provide excellent education and the results prove that to be true.

The test scores are remarkable in that most Rocketship students are a full year ahead in scholastic ability than their peers at traditional public schools. This is particularly true of middle school students. Middle school is the most challenging period of a students experience and Rocketship Education had very strong outcomes in comparison to traditional methods of education. The difference is remarkable and points to the Rocketship method as being very effective.