Ken Goodrich Turns Around The Goettl Air Conditionng Business

The Goettl brand of air conditioners and servicing technicians has always been at the heart of the HVAC industry in Nevada and Arizona, with the spiritual home of the brand being located in the city of Phoenix where brothers Adam and Gust Goettl established the brand in the 1930s. The ownership of Goettl has recently been taken on by business leader Ken Goodrich, a man who specializes in buying businesses in difficulty and finding ways to return them to profit; the purchase of Goettl was a different proposition for Ken Goodrich, who assisted his Las Vegas based father in repairing Goettl brand units as a child and has always had an interest in this historic brand.

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For Ken Goodrich the nature of modern business is dedicated far too much in the profits made by a company at any time. The first thing Ken Goodrich did at Goettl was stop discussing profits and instead looked to make Goettl a key part of the community in Arizona and Nevada, where the HVAC repair and servicing brand has become a major part of the local community with many charitable donations made to individuals and families in these areas and has seen a 500 percent increase in business since Goodrich purchased the brand.


The Goettl HVAC company has often been credited with providing the HVAC industry with its initial growth across the U.S. for an industry that now sees an estimated 86 percent of U.S. households using an air conditioning system of some kind.


In the 21st century, Goettl is hoping to build a new team of HVAC technicians that have been trained at the impressive and Goettl sponsored program at the College of Southern Nevada; Goettl has provided scholarships and sponsorship options for students and the entire program at this respected technical college.