Herbalife: Paying Top Athletes for Endorsement

Herbalife Nutrition is a company that sells healthy products. It was established during the 1980s, and since then, the firm grew tremendously. The people working at Herbalife Nutrition aims to provide the public with the nutrition they need, and the company stated that they would be able to do it because of the support that they are receiving from the public. The company offers tips on how to avoid poor nutrition and obesity, and how the government could manage the rising number of aging population and the increasing demand for public healthcare. The company is proud to say that their products are manufactured in the best environments, and it is needed for the body to function well.

The products released by Herbalife Nutrition can be purchased from more than 90 countries, of which the majority has the license to become independent distributors. The company posted a growth of $4.4 billion in the year 2017, and their number of employees around the world grew to 8,000 people. It was a good year for Herbalife Nutrition, and they wanted to extend their reach and influence by turning into a sports icon into an internet sensation. It was reported recently that the company pad Jonathan dos Santos to become their endorser. Jonathan dos Santos is playing for the National Mexican Team, but according to his handlers, it is perfectly fine for him to sign on the contract as the newest endorser of the health products brand.

The officials working at the company stated that they are excited to see Jonathan dos Santos reporting at their office. The player would have to demonstrate the power of Herbalife24, a line that produces effective health products. The athlete stated that one of the reasons why he accepted the offer from Herbalife Nutrition is because he had seen the plight of many people around the world, and he wanted to inform the majority of the people to prioritize taking care of themselves. The athlete also added that using the product from Herbalife Nutrition would give anyone the peace of mind that they need, and the products would also help them relax.

Herbalife Nutrition wanted to make the world a happier place by uniting every people through their products. They believe that the endorsement of an influential athlete would deliver changes to their company, and they are expecting positive results to stem out from the deal that was recently signed.