OSI Food Solutions is Trying to Feed the World

There are tons of ways to compete in the business world. Some people go for aggressive expansion and leverage company assets to acquire more property, business, and networking. Other companies prefer building a network of loyal customers through referrals or charity driven options. One food company in the meat industry is using aggressive expansion in a smart way to remain competitive.

OSI Food Solutions is a Top 100 Food Company. They haven’t gotten this far without making some key plays around the globe. Recently, however, OSI Food Solutions seems to be ramping up their efforts across pivotal points in Europe.

In Spain, OSI recently upgraded their chicken production at a large factory in Toledo, Spain. This chicken producing factory, which is a chicken producing Goliath, was recently ramped up to produce double it’s capacity. The factory used to produce a shocking 12,000 tons of chicken a year. Now, the factory produces 24,000 tons of chicken a year. That’s not all, the factory was also equipped with state-of-the-art employee lounges and a fancy production testing kitchen.

Meanwhile, in the UK, OSI was making a big purchase. Flagship Europe, otherwise known as Creative Foods, is a major producer of frozen poultry, pies, fillings, and sauces. OSI scooped it up in a surprising undisclosed purchase. This purchase sees OSI increase their overall brand and their portfolio. Adding pies and fillings to their line of products helps OSI better service their customers in the food industry.

In the Netherlands, OSI Food Solutions was also on the lookout for good deals. When OSI had a chance, they acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is an important purchase, not only because it gives OSI Food Industries access to one of the largest producers of deli meats and other convenience foods. Baho services many food-service locations in the Netherlands and Germany. Both of these are notoriously difficult positions to branch into in the food services industry.

OSI Food Solutions is showing that aggressive expansion can be done properly and with brains. These recent purchases should see them move a few ticks up on the Top 100 Food Companies list. OSI Food Solutions should continue on their path of dominance in the food services industry. Take this as an example of a company that is fighting tooth and nail to make themselves dominant in their industry.

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OSI Food Solutions Feeding the Globe on Quality

A company based in Illinois which handles the processing of meat products known as OSI Food Solutions, was founded in 1909. The company is the brainchild of Otto Kolschowski’s wh hailed from Germany before moving to America.. It kicked off as a local market which availed meat of great quality to its customers but it achieved greater recognition and respect once it started supplying an up and coming McDonald’s brand with meat patties. The OSI Food Solutions has shown impressive growth over the years which currently boast its reach in numerous countries which has an excess of 20 thousand employees. The company avails hot dogs, fish, vegetable, bacon, pizza, poultry as well as meat patties to brands all over the world that deal in the retail industry and the food service.

The OSI Food Solutions has managed to make it to the 58th spot of the largest private companies in the USA, as noted by Forbes. The company has been able to manage such a great accomplishment of being one of America’s top 100 companies thanks to their capability to provide the very best quality services and products along with their yearly sales that surpass an impressive 6.1 billion dollars. On the 25th of November 2016, the OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the great 2016 Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council at a luncheon hosted in London at the Draper’s Hall. They got the honour due to how they manage risks to the environment in such a unique and exquisite manner. Their century long expertise in the food industry has elevated them to become a leader in its field, globally.

In the recent past, the brand has shown great growth by attaining a Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe as well as BAHO Foods. With these advancements to the company, they are now able to provide more employment, careers and to cater to a wider local as well as foreign market. The company is spread out in 17 different countries worldwide with 65 facilities to show for it. The OSI Food Solutions provides products to the likes of Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s and also Starbucks. It holds plants in Fort Atkinson, West Jordan, West Chicago, Oakland, Utah, California and many more. OSI Food Solutions has doubled its production line’s size of chicken products produced to 24,000 tons yearly from its previous 12,000 tons. The Spain based facility seen them produce 45,000 tons of products of pork, chicken and beef. With this move by the company, 20 job opportunities have been created which adds to the current 140 staff members.

About OSI Food Solutions: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Food_Solutions

Beneful at Target: Overview for dog owners

Dog owners are constantly looking for the best food choices at local stores. There is one dog food that is both healthy and easily accessible.

Beneful Dog Food at Target

Beneful dog food is a pet food brand that Target does carry; in a lot of variety too! Depending on the type of food and the amount purchased, owners can expect to pay a price range between $1.77 to $33.99. The dog food can be separated into three different categories:


The dry dog food can be purchased in different amounts ranging between 3.5 and 40 lbs. Beneful has plenty of flavorful options:
-Real salmon
-Savory rice & lamb
-Real beef & egg
-Real Chicken
-Real beef
There are also different types:
-Playful life
-Healthy weight
-Healthy puppy
-Grain free
The dry food bags vary between $5.49 and $33.99 in price.
Wet dog food
Single wet meals are $1.77 to $1.82. There are variety packs of twelve 3 oz cans for $7.49 or six 10 oz cans for $10.59. Their flavors include:
-Beef stew
-Chicken stew
-Mediterranean style melody
-Chopped blends
-Rice & lamb
-Roasted chicken
-Roasted turkey
-Romona style melody
-Simmered beef
-Tuscan style melody


There are baked delights or healthy smile treats. The treats start around $2.72. The weight of the treat packages ranges between 7.4 oz. and 9.5 oz. The flavors are not limited to:

-Peanut butter & cheese
-Bacon & cheese
-Apple & bacon

Additional Insights

Dog owners who are looking to try Beneful but don’t know where to start should try originals beef dry food; Target’s most popular Beneul food choice. Coupons can also be printed for savings.

Dog owners should stop by their local Target and see what Beneful can offer their dog!