Milan Kordestani, The Simple Surprise

It is not often that a youthful success such as Milan Kordestani comes along. Not only does this young mas posses the rare quality of having some fashion sense, he also shows incredible potential. This potential is not only seen through his current successes, though. This man has been bright, brilliant, and powerful from the beginning.

At the age of 10, Milan Kordestani had a dramatic incident involving a horse. While horseback riding on a trail, the horse became wild and ran away, causing Milan to take a taxing fall onto the ground. Even though he was only ten years old at the time, he had the conviction and courage to not only get back on the horse right away, but also ride it back to his camp. This alone showed the young man’s resolve and strength of character during stressful and scary situations. He showed to posses what few are born with… determination.

Realizing his natural talent in horseback riding, he went on to put it to good use to become a highly successful equestrian. He was trained by a world champion and it showed in his performances. He eventually went on to rank 3rd place in the World Championship, not small feat for anyone in any field. However, his success did not stop there, but was only what seemed to be a launching point.

The tenacious and driven young man is also a published author for the Huffington Post. As if his credentials weren’t impressive enough, he also created and founded his own company known as the Milan Farms. Through this, he was able to channel all of the skills he has acquired throughout his lifetime and apply them in such a was that serves the common good.

Milan Farms is not like any other farm of corporation of the like. Milan makes sure to perceive his consumers and family. In doing so, he holds himself and his company accountable for providing and honest and transparent service in the field of poultry distribution. Kordestani is also continuously innovating himself and his company and continues to do research into hydroponics and aquaponics.

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