Todd Lubar’s View on Entrepreneurship Beneficial to Up-Coming Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is a man of many talents. He is experienced in matters real estate, mortgage banking, construction, and entertainment. Presently, he is President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. With over 25 years in business, Lubar has a wealth of experience which he often shares to help shape the thoughts and outlook of young entrepreneurs. Lubar is passionate about helping other people attain their dreams.

Lubar’s 20 years in the credit and finance industry culminated in the establishment TDL Global Ventures. TDL was designed to provide a straightforward platform for consumers to access loans. According to Lubar, enabling people to access funding is his greatest joy. To keep abreast with the developments in his industry, Lubar often reads newspapers and other sources of reliable information. He believes that being up-to-date with his industry helps him prioritize the agenda of his company.

In line with his passion for helping other people, Todd Lubar often dispenses business advice to young entrepreneurs. For example, he believes that business ideas without a will are useless; therefore, he encourages entrepreneurs to combine their ideas with will, and they will experience a difference in bringing ideas to life. Also, he believes that being organized enhances productivity. Furthermore, Lubar stresses that the people that are around an entrepreneur are influential with regards to determining the direction that an entrepreneur takes. Therefore, it is essential to be around individuals who can impact someone positively.

Just like any other businessman, Lubar has had successes and failures. He explains about a business deal that failed, and he had to start over. However, despite failure, Lubar believes that entrepreneurs should be brave enough to get up and work for a better tomorrow. Lubar believes in the value of hard work. He acknowledges the fact that sometimes works becomes repetitive and boring, but entrepreneurs should have their eyes on the prize as that will keep them going.

As an entrepreneur, Lubar often scans the market and finds business opportunities which he shares with other people. He is still waiting for a revolutionary house finder app that will be as prominent as Google. He is concerned with the poor performance of the present house finder apps. Check out Todd’s full profile on

Ohio housing market experiences success in spite of nationwide slowdown

Ohio just closed out it’s busiest year since 2005 in the housing market. Home purchases across the state are up 7.5 percent since last year, some 151,600 houses being sold. Solid price growth in the face of adversity paint an interesting picture for the Ohio housing market. Several conditions contributed to the increasing price growth and home sales; such as steady job creation and lower mortgage rates. However, as mortgage rates increased towards the end of 2016 the housing market mini-boom faced a potential threat. Another potential threat consisted of the lack of overall supply of homes in the area. With the buyer market stronger than ever, a shortage of homes to sell hindered the overall growth of the market. However, despite all this, Ohio still ended the year on their strongest note for quite some time.

Tammy Mazzocco began her real-estate career as a secretary with The Edwards Realty Company. She has since held positions as a condominium manager at Scotland Yard, a Property manager for T&R Properties and personal assistant for Joe Armeni. View her full profile on

Working with Joe provided Tammy with the experience of seeing the day-to-day operations of a highly-successful real-estate agent. This inspired Tammy to pursue real estate full-time in 1999. Currently, Tammy focuses on utilizing her extensive experience in the real estate industry to provide the best possible experience for her clients.