White Shark Media is a Leading Online Marketing Company Because They Continue to Improve

Online advertising and marketing campaigns are a dime a dozen, so the key is to find one that is successful in handling your business. White Shark Media has been a leader in Adwords, SEO, SEM, PPC and managing online accounts for over a decade, and this client-oriented company has become a leader in the industry.


WSM was not a success overnight; they spent several years fine-tuning their company and they did this by listening to their clients. WSM made it a priority to amend their problem situations in the company.


This is unique in most companies who routinely toss complaints into the waste paper basket. The three founders of WSM have felt from the beginning that their clients and their viewpoints were vital, so they began to use them to improve their experience with WSM every day.


Here is an example in the early history of the company on how they satisfied their client’s needs. The client had lost communication with the agency and needed better communication. They were frustrated trying to call their contact person.


Instead of dismissing the problem, WSM scheduled a monthly GoToMeeting with every client in the company to review the previous month’s activities, and they also receive a written monthly report. The GoTo Meeting also displays both sides of their AdWords account simultaneously. WSM then added phone systems with direct extensions to bypass the receptionist that would connect with a supervisor if the contact person was unavailable.


White Shark media continues to address problems positively to improve the company as a whole.


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