Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is located in New

Jersey, where he works as a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. His training comes from the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Dr Dov Rand is known for only practicing Peer-Review medicine. Essentially, if something cannot be supported with a medical journal or article, he will not recommend or prescribe treatment.

Dr. Dov Rand has a sincere passion for helping his patients achieve their goals, especially with those who have healthy aging issues. What Dr. Dov focuses his practice on is IV nutrient therapy and other alternative solutions for weight loss and anti-aging. Dr. Dov Rand has developed programs that target individualized needs through his integrative approaches. These treatments help with restoring health, preventing disease, and improving vitality.

Dr. Dov Rand has developed a HCG diet, which incorporates a hormone that women produce when they are pregnant inside of the placenta. That hormone is what is able to nourish the child during pregnancy. This hormone has been discovered to prevent muscle deterioration. That combined with a low calorie diet have greatly helped patients lose weight quickly. Usually 1 pound or more a day is shed and patients have noted that their hunger has decreased as well. Dr Dov. Rand believes this diet and type of treatment is most effective because patients are able to eat few calories without the hunger pains, as they would associate outside of that treatment.

Patients love working with Dr. Dov Rand because he has compassion for helping those who are struggling to lose weight with many unsuccessful diets. Through the HCG treatment of Dr. Dov Rand, patients have relearned eating habits, resetting their metabolism, and improving their health. Dr. Dov Rand does not believe that HCG is a miracle diet, it is simply a longer term solution that patients struggle with on health and eating.