T.V. and Radio Host Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a well-known T.V. and radio host, executive producer and entrepreneur. Mr. Seacrest has two different successful radio shows which are ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest‘ is his radio show on 102.7 KIIS FM in L.A. which is a #1 syndicated morning show that is nationally airs for iHeartMedia and also a Top 40 radio show which is nationally syndicated as well.

Ryan Seacrest has several television shows that he hosts and co-hosts. Live With Kelly and Ryan is the morning nationwide T.V. show where he is the co-host and executive producer of the show with Kelly Ripa. Ryan Seacrest has been the host of American Idol since it began, and in Spring of 2018 it launched it’s first season on ABC after previously being on another station for many seasons. E! Live from the Red Carpet he is the host and executive producer and Dick Clark Rockin’ New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest, he is the host and executive producer of the annual ABC program.

Ryan Seacrest Productions, which is Ryan Seacrest production company produces such hit shows as E! ‘Keepin’ Up With the Kardashians’, Bravo TV’s ‘Shahs of Sunset’, CMT’s ‘I Love Kelle’, NBC’s ‘Shades of Blue’, Netflix ‘Insatiable’ and Youtube’s ‘Best.Cover.Ever’. His production company has won many awards over the years.

Ryan Seacrest has a men’s fashion line, which is exclusively sold at Macy’s and it’s called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He also has a men’s skincare line, Polished by Dr. Lancer, which is in partnership with renown dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer.

As far as philanthropic work, Mr. Seacrest serves as on the board of the L.A. Museum of Art and is an honorary of the Grammy Foundation. He is also the chairman of Ryan Seacrest Foundation. His foundation has set up ten broadcast media studios, Seacrest Studios which are set up in Pediatric hospitals across the U.S.

More: https://www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest/

Getting Training on the Use of Talk Fusion

As with every app that can be used to make money, there is training available for people who want to use Talk Fusion. It is not required, but there is a lot of lessons that are taught by Bob Reina himself. One of the reasons that he has decided to train users on using the app is that he wants people to succeed. This is the very reason that he has created the Talk Fusion app. He also shares insights with people when it comes to his app and business in general. He makes it a point to tell people where they stand when it comes to business and marketing.


One thing that Bob Reina has pointed out about business and marketing is that success depends a lot on the efforts of others as well as the efforts of the individual. While people can say that the individual can overcome odds, the truth is that there are certain times when the individual needs help. There are a ton of factors that can influence the abilities of the marketer. For instance, if the marketer is constantly on the go, then he is going to be affected. Therefore, he may need the help of some people who have a little more time and energy to learn and figure things out.


One thing that Talk Fusion does is influence the amount of time an individual has. It can be a lot easier to film a video than it is to sit there typing out a lot of words in order to form a message that the reader can understand. However, when a market tries to use Talk Fusion and finds that he can’t understand it, then he could turn away from the product. Bob Reina offers the training needed to help a person become confident with the product. Learn more: https://video-chat.talkfusion.com/

Robert Deignan and Daily Routines

Robert Deignan is the head of ATS Digital Services located in Boca Raton in Florida. It’s a company that was established back in 2011. Deignan functions as its Chief Executive Officer. He’s also among its ambitious Co-Founders. ATS Digital Services specializes in all matters that pertain to digital assistance and support. It aids individuals everywhere with a broad array of problems that relate to technology. It helps people who are dealing with connectivity difficulties. It helps people who are dealing with all sorts of troubles from distant locations.

Deignan’s existence started in sunny Fort Lauderdale in Florida. He received a football scholarship that covered his tuition completely. That’s the thing that enabled him to go to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He completed his studies after earning an organizational leadership degree. He worked for the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins back in the nineties. He made a major life change after those positions as well. He took it upon himself to set up Fanlink, Inc. This was his debut business attempt. Deignan in no way abandoned athletics, though. He presently takes part in all sorts of fishing tournaments that pique his interest. He resides in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale region in Florida. He’s married and shares a young son with his wife.

This methodical professional typically rises for the day at 5:15 in the morning. He sets his trusty alarm for that exact time. He doesn’t do much for a little while after that. Once he’s ready to move, he heads to the bathroom for teeth brushing purposes. He puts his fitness attire on after that, too. Deignan is the kind of person who believes in the power of early morning physical fitness sessions each day. He shows up at the local fitness center at 5:45. He has a workout partner there as well. They exercise for approaching 60 minutes in total. He mixes cardiovascular fitness techniques with a lot of weight training work. The fitness center is right by his place of residence. That’s how he’s able to return by 6:50 or so.



Luminesce, by Jeunesse Global, is winning over new customers across the planet

Jeunesse Global is quickly becoming a household name throughout the world. This is an incredible fact for a company that was only started eight years ago. Jeunesse Global has been able to go from an unfunded startup to one of the top global competitors in the health and beauty space. And it has been able to create some of the most sought-after and revolutionary products.

It is highly unusual for any company to come out of the blue and disrupt an entire industry. But it is almost completely unheard of for a firm to be started from scratch out of a couple’s garage and quickly rise to take on some of the most well-established competitors in a mature, established industry. However, this is exactly the feat that Jeunesse Global founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have been able to pull off.

The once-retired Florida couple founded Jeunesse back in 2009 as a way to simply pass the boring hours of retirement. As lifelong entrepreneurs and businesspeople, Ray and Lewis quickly found out that they were missing much more than just the money that the business world had to offer. Ultimately, it was the excitement and deep sense of purpose that Ray and Lewis found intolerable to withdraw from. As a result, they founded Jeunesse Global out of their garage.

Within just five years, the company had grown into a powerhouse, doing tens of millions per year in sales and counting thousands of distributors among its ranks. But through it all, the real secret behind Jeunesse’s success has been its stellar lineup of revolutionary and in-demand health and beauty products.

One example is the company’s skincare lotion and moisturizer, Luminesce. Luminesce is a fabulous standalone moisturizer, comparing favorably across every measure with the competition. But its real standout selling point is its anti-aging properties.

Containing Jeunesse Global’s patented APT-200 molecule, Luminesce is able to help erase years off of users’ visual age, helping people to both look and feel their best all throughout their busy days.

With Luminesce, it’s possible for users to glow with beauty, every day of the week.


Meet the Great Talos Energy

After Harvey’s tropical torment hit its second day, Tim Duncan’s suburb, in North Houston streets were impassable. The powers had gone off, and it was all darker when a report came that another 6-feet Hurricane Harvey floodwaters were expected to hit the area. Duncan took to rescue the wife and his six-year-old son, Christy in a FEMA rescue boat.

The CEO of the great Talos Energy, Duncan was beside himself. For almost four months the CEO had been arranging a 2.5 billion dollar merger of his company with the Stone Energy. Stone Energy is a bankrupt public trading company. This venture was risky, but he believed that it would make him a public entity without putting it on the expense of the public offering. He expressed his concern to get the deal done and not give the excuse of the expected floods.

He then called a private plane and boarded together with his family to Alabama. On his return to Texas, Duncan camped at his mother’s place, a premise that was in Houston but it was dry and high. For weeks he worked till late and planned on how to negotiate for the deal from the mother’s dining table. To know more about Talos Energy click here.

Following the successful merger, Talos will be able to take over the Stones listings with Duncan presiding over the oil company that has annual revenue of over 900 million dollars. All the assets of Talos will be traced from the Gulf of Mexico. The company’s low-risk balance would scarcely offset massive operating risk in such a location where the drilling might cost billions of dollars. There is also a catastrophic risk in the preferred position.

However, this is a very contrarian bet. Crowds are located in different places where technology can be well used. Nevertheless, this company is like a classic wildcatter with the confidence to take chances on wells even outside the United States waters as well as on political grounds such as Mexico. The newly formed firm will be able to produce over 48000 barrels in a day, and it is anticipated that this number may go high. It is right to say that for Duncan crises are always opportunities.


Dr. Mark McKenna Is Quickly Rising To The Top Of The Business World

Staying active and living a healthy lifestyle can go a long way to improve a person’s life through all the benefits it provides long-term and short-term. Thanks to men like Dr. Mark McKenna, living a healthy lifestyle is being made easier than ever with his latest business, OVME, which will offer medical treatments on the go like a healthy delivery service. This innovative idea is quickly becoming popular and is already expanding into new cities around the country today.

While this is not the only business Dr. Mark McKenna has under his name, it is his latest creation. OVME will provide users with an app that allows them to order things straight from their phone and dropped off at their front doors. This includes things like chemical peels, Juvederm, Restylane, facial cremes, botox, and much more. This is going to allow the general public a level of medical care and cosmetic care that has been unavailable without doctors appointments. Dr. Mark McKenna has been working in the medical field for many years, and he knows that there are many people out there that do not have the time to schedule appointments at a doctors office and there are even some afraid to go to them in the first place. OVME is fixing these issues, and clients will even have readily available experts through OVME’s app to answers any questions they have about OVME’s services or how to use any products.

Dr. Mark McKenna has had several successful businesses in the past, so it is no surprise that his new business innovation is doing well in the community. Mark has spent more than a decade in the medical field building his experience as a doctor and a businessman, making him one of the most noteworthy entrepreneurs in the country today. According to Mark McKenna, his foundation for success was built during his education at Tulane Medical School.


Know More about the Brazilian Real Estate Icon, Roberto Santiago

In every Brazilian corner, the name of this great entrepreneur is widely known and currently spreading globally as wildfire as a result of his tremendous achievements especially the Manaira Shopping Mall which is a jewel of Joao Pessoa. In his tender age as a youth, he started bringing out the entrepreneurial pearl in him by starting Cartonnage Company which he supplied his carton products to various companies in Pessoa city. This is after resigning from Café Santa Rosa Company. Later he purchased a large piece of land and ventured into real estate from which he has been sailing from one level to another.

Roberto Santiago’s entrepreneurial skills can be traced back to the college he attended, Pio X-Marist and later enrolled in University Center of Joao Pessoa where he pursued a Degree in Business Administration. This education formed a very strong foundation to soar high in his business pursuit. In 1987, Santiago surprised many when he developed the Manaira Mall which is a home of various shopping options, concert hall, theater, a gaming parlor, a gym, banks, colleges and of course, various restaurants which provide dishes according to your appetite, speed, and pocket. This mall has turned out to be the largest mall in Pessoa city and very convenient to every city dweller because everything is under one roof.

In 2009 Santiago added a flavor to the Mall by the name Domus Hall which is located on the roof of the mall. The hall is stocked and well equipped with modern sound systems which make it more favorable for theatrical performances and productions as well as various concerts and exhibitions. It has a capacity of hosting 10,000 people hence making it appropriate for conferences, graduation ceremonies, and weddings One more thing about Manaira Shopping Mall is its flexibility in its stocks and services; you can find even furniture, jewelry, books, clothing etc. so you don’t have to struggle with the jam in the city, the shopping mall has all that you need.

Mr. Santiago has not loosened his thread in the past 20 years in ensuring that the mall meets the needs of the market and consequently the global standard of how a shopping mall should be. Currently, Manaira Mall is a major jewel that attracts crowds including iconic musicians for shopping, performances, entertainment and even well cooked and spiced dishes. In 2013, Mr. Roberto came up with another shopping mall called Mangeira which is a replica of Manaira Shopping Mall.

The creativity, diligence, passion, and commitment of Santiago has led many corporations, enterprises, organizations, and firms relocate to Joao Pessoa which has consequently led to economic development, and job creation in the city. Thanks to Roberto for giving back to his community.


Sahm Adrangi Explains What’s Wrong With Eastman Kodak

Hedge fund manager Sahm Adrangi recently issued a negative report about Eastman Kodak Company’s recent moves. In the beginning of February they announced the would be releasing an image licensing platform that would be based on blockchain technology. They will also be releasing a companion cryptocurrency. Their stock zoomed up 187% after this announcement. Sahm Adrangi then released his report calling Eastman Kodak’s latest moves as ridiculous and nothing but a distraction from the company’s leaders. He also announced he had taken a short position on their stock, ticker KODK, which means his hedge fund will make money if Eastman Kodak’s share prices fall.

When releasing his negative report Sahm Adrangi also said he would reveal more during an open conference call others could listen in on. He and some of his team would go over the finer details of everything he saw wrong about Eastman Kodak’s announcement. In his negative report, though, he said that both of these new developments, KODAKOne and KODAKCoin were both very flawed products and shareholders in this company will never see any financial benefit derive from them. He said that Eastman Kodak’s shares went up based on unjustified hype and he expected their value would soon crater.

During the conference call Sahm Adrangi also revealed that the very day before Eastman Kodak had made this press release their board of directors had given themselves a large amount of restricted stock. He found this to be very suspicious and something that could be investigated by the Securities and Trade Commission. Additionally, he said that the firm Eastman Kodack had partnered with to release these products, WENN Digital Inc., has a very shady background and is very likely not looking out for the best interests of Eastman Kodak or its shareholders.

Sahm Adrangi is an entrepreneur who founded his hedge fund company, Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC, in 2009. Overall he has 14 years of experience in the financial industry. He specializes in both value investments and short-term special situations. Sahm has a bachelor’s degree in economics which he earned in 2003 at Yale University.


Roberto Santiago Legendary Entrepreneurial Skills

Born in Joao Pessoa, 58-year-old Roberto Santiago is a well-known entrepreneur in Brazil who owns one of the largest shopping malls located in Paraiba capital known as Manaira shopping center. The shopping mall was founded in November 1989 and is mainly used by many people for leisure and fun. The complex has eleven movie theaters with the most advanced cinematic projection technology in Brazil.


To be precise Roberto’s complex has a VIP room, an account, a 3D room and an interactive stadium system. Moreover, it has its entertainment grid, an incredible electronic amusement park Game Station containing 200 gaming machines and also with a variety of tastes and catering that is appreciated by all ages. Also, Manaira Shopping has the most massive concert hall known as Domus Hall which is structured with the most modern pattern with a capacity for four thousand people seated and an allowance of ten thousand people standing.


Roberto had a promising plan when he came up with the idea of the mall. Manaira Shopping has two floors with the ground floor being free that it can accommodate stand-ups, mega shows, weddings, private events, graduations, and presentations. The upper floor houses private cabins for ten people, a dressing room and lounge music for entertainment. Moreover, other than entertainment, Roberto is also passionate about preserving culture in that the mall contains exhibitions expressing the diversity in Brazil arranged according to respective fields.


Students from different schools usually trip the mall to get to see the exhibitions while they still get fun and knowledge. In Paraiba, Roberto’s Manaira complex is considered the largest commercial enterprise with over 300 stores and 75,000 square meters of Gross Leasable Area and has already undergone five expansions. Other than Manaira Shopping, Roberto also owns Managabeira Shopping which was launched in November 2014 and is already taking the commercial sector to another level.


Roberto Santiago is well known for his hard work in the entrepreneurship industry. He attended the University of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. His career journey started as a blogger writing about the history of Brazil and also took part in the film production field.


Roberto has taken part in many investments and has innovative ideas that develop his career. His businesses have increased the profits being made in the Brazilian Shopping Sector according to a report released recently by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers. In the industry, Manaira Shopping is one of the leading businesses who help to grow the Brazilian economy.


Moreover, the shopping mall is among the top 500 shopping centers that are providing over one million employment opportunities across Brazil. Roberto Santiago is passionate about providing the best services in entertainment, education, cultural and others in his shopping malls which is appreciated by many people.


Talk Fusion CEO Brings Marketing and Technology Expertise to Rebranded HuffPost

Bob Reins, the Founder and CEO of the Florida-0based Talk Fusion Company that deals in marketing solutions, has published some articles that were posted in the Huffington Post. The articles are designed to develop the marketing skills that most companies lack as a way of associating themselves with the world of technology and business. Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Company wrote the first post that talked about the purpose of promoting your business when you understand the specific needs your clients want for a better innovation capability in this industry. This was the article that was widely adopted by a massive range of readers before the Huffington post changed its name to the HuffPost.


The newest article developed by Bob Reina is one that talks about how to thrive in a society that is full of people quitting from their dreams. As a business leader, the article denotes you as one of the people who has gone a long way in determining your industry’s credentials in the world of business. Therefore, you could advocate for a working solution if you intend to achieve advanced business solutions through the success mode of your mind. If you are looking towards solving all the business challenges you face, you will always achieve whatever you want as you strive to become part of the solution to every business need in the industry.


With the new spin on motion and its change of name, the HuffPost will deliver the most sophisticated source of information and insight for business insiders as well as readers (https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial). Many people will have access to the HuffPost for free as they will deliver the most sophisticated capability in this industry. If you are a business entity looking towards succeeding in business, the HuffPost should be your best friend.


Talk Fusion Company is an al-inclusive video marketing company with a wide range of business solution in the industry. Talk Fusion Company is also dedicated to helping its clients achieve the most sophisticated business capabilities that can only be advanced through research and innovation. Talk Fusion Company is one of the dynamic ways of enhancing deal structuring processes in the world of business.