Upwork: Ways to Complete Your To Do List

We all have clever ways to list tasks to that must get done, but often we can struggle with execution. At Upwork, a freelancing site, many workers faced completely daily tasks for clients within a specific time frame. These tips can help to get them done.

Capture It All

Write everything down. David Allen, known for the GTD method years ago, says stop remembering everything. Like the Zeigernik Effect, were we all worry about undone tasks, we must write stuff down so we can forget them and move on to completing it.

Prepare In Advance

Take advantage of writing down your list the night before.

One Location

Stick to having your list in one area that you can access all day. Don’t forget to use your task list application, if you are using email.


It’s a good idea to place a time limit on each of your tasks. It will give you a great picture of what is realistic in terms of completing the task overall.


Look at your list and move tasks around on level of importance. This helps you move from one to the other quite quickly.

Continue to Re-evaluate

Keep looking at what tasks you can delete and ones that are not that important.

Stress Free

Save yourself from feeling stressed about getting tasks done by developing a sub task to a task. An app called Clickup helps convert tasks to a sub-list.


Find some software that allows you to list tasks, then zoom in and out to get a better pictures of their relevance.


It’s also smart to create a batch of tasks that have a tag assigned to them. This could be a template that shows what specific tasks you constantly repeat.

Energy Levels

Pick which tasks you can perform at your highest peak of energy. This can prevent you from getting burnt out.

Upwork is a one of the world’s biggest freelance sites to date. It brings together business professionals seeking experienced freelancers with specific skills to perform jobs for them. Nearly 3,500 experts in certain industries have signed up to share their skills.

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